Newly Printed LD4bn. Turns Taboo? -Does The CDC Have Its Own Currency? Depriving The People & Nation Of The Legitimate Purchasing Power? Is This The Beginning Of Dollar-Partitioning?

Pundits have for some time keenly observed with profound dismay since the printing of the new Liberian banknotes comprising ‘500’ bill in denomination to which according to them, amounted to 4 billion, that money has become a taboo; it can now, and excessively available be seen at Congress for Democratic Change-(CDC) prone petitioning ceremonies; while invisible as medium of exchange at commercial hubs.

According to them, this drives a dangerous and deadly culture infested with wickedly colossal political dilemma, when a country’s money duly authorized by law after being sanctioned by the National Legislature upon request from the Executive, is being printed and brought into the country but cannot be seen practically on the various markets where the movement of goods and services are in dire need to lubricate the spokes and wheels of business transactions as the legal tender.

The pundits further alleged that since the arrival of the newly printed 4 billion Liberian dollar banknotes intended for use by the people in conducting their business transactions, and to also help alleviate the messy wear-and-tear of the old banknotes, most often resulting into serious commotion between buyers and sellers, which portrays money crunch; the latter can only be seen lavishly disbursed at petitioning programs of CDC’s aspirants with emphasis on Thomas Fallah; and are now critically wondering where is the newly printed ‘500’ Liberian banknote and why it is not in circulation to enhance the money market; and are there some specific  individuals  colonizing the nation’s legal tender?

It’s not about President George M. Weah and his cronies alone and exclusively perpetually to enrich themselves with the resources of the land rather for the citizenry despite of political, ethnic, cultural and geographical leanings, they noted.

Weah’s advisers are either blindly timeworn-out or lacked visionary kudos to ad vise the boss in making sound and fruitful decisions to better the nation and people’s livelihood as he (Weah’s) proclaimed at one of his official occasions that he will make decisions that will progressively benefit the people; while equally vowing to uphold, defend, protect and respect the laws and constitution of the nation, adding something he (Weah) finds regular pleasure violating any time and at will with a clear-cut impunity, the pundits pointed out.

They explained that the Presidency has become a serious national problem for Weah’s ability to govern meaningfully which keeps reflecting and questioning his zeal to provide the most needed leadership the people have long yearned for; the reason he was popularly elected to provide what others have failed, but the available evident is vividly clear that he is not up to the task to firstly begin with; while his problematic Finance Minister Samuel Tweah is psychologically coercing the people to make him a benevolent dictator; what, don’t be fool into thinking that benevolent is a bridge over troubled-waters; preposterous! A dictator is indeed a dictator no appeasement, what associates with a dictator is tyranny, full stop.

They also ponder to know if the CDC has any legal authority to print its own currency for exclusive use in the country or does the CDC have its own currency? Is it right and by whom is it empowered in depriving the people and nation of the legitimate purchasing power? is this the beginning of ‘dollar-partitioning’ of the country?

Currently, partitioning the  country on partisan line at the expense of the citizens while the health workers have been dragged for long  regarding their just- benefits as enshrined in the government-health workers Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is not being duly honored as a matter of urgency, despite reported request or sham that the controversial Finance Minister Tweah would make available 2 million dollars to address some burning issues contained in the joint-MOU, it is not  strange  when the Minister of Information was being reportedly heard of saying that he is not surprised that the health workers would commence their strike action.

Moreover, the National Health Workers’ Union of Liberia (NAHWUL) stems from President Weah and his top officials’ indifferent response to the union’s plights in a recent meeting at the Ministerial complex where the President threatened to dismiss any health workers who would challenge to go on strike.

It can be recalled reports a local daily  that NAHWUL, in a press statement issued on September 2, 2020, demanded the government to live by its promise by implementing a memorandum of understanding it signed with the union in September 2019.

The MOU, among other things, called for the government to grant NAHWUL a certificate of recognition, provide a clear salary base for each grade that correspond to health workers’ qualifications, reclassify healthcare workers who have, over the period upgraded their professional status and that the policy document for redeployment and transfer be suspended until the union have a say in the process.

It also mandated the government to provide a blue print on how the almost 1,000 pensioner’s gap will be filled and that victims and families of COVID-19 should fully benefit from the US$500 announced in July’s meeting with the Ministries of Health, State and Finance and Development Planning.

In respond, the Government convened a meeting on September 10, 2020 with officials of the Union and attended by President Weah and some of his top cabinet ministers including the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah, and Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah.

To their astonishment, the health workers said after outlining their demands to the President, he became angry and threatened to dismiss anyone who will protest and warned that the Minister of Justice will deploy the police to handle anyone who disturbs civil liberties.

“To our out most Surprise, the government officials took term to haul words of threats an intimidation at leaders and members of our noble union instead of addressing the worker’s concerns. They threatened to dismiss workers who will strike and replace them with students,” NAHWUL said.

-Writes GDJ

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