Nefarious Image Of Delayed Silence -As Pundits Find Weah’s Sincerity & Clear Openness Indigestible

With the senatorial election almost banging on the political doors of the nation as all contesting concerned parties and stakeholders are massively revamping their failed strategies, launching their neo-formulas to propel them to victory while another bath is credibly dotting their ‘Is” and  crossing their “ts” for a major showdown to retain pride and authority, pundits have described the government’s approach towards the development in Zwedru,  Grand Gedeh as a reflection of nefarious image of how delay can affect silence when it must be released at once.

The pundits told PARROT that they find the belated official intervention of government in what obtained in Zwedru too late, too lazy, and find President George M. Weah’s sincerity and clear openness indigestible, considering the gravity of the unfortunate ‘displayed conduct’ and in whose name such action was unleashed in Gedeh, as compared to government’s swift and prompt response to the burning of tyres in the streets by the Council of Patriots (COP) as something that speaks volume  which also borders on personal safety and by extension, equal  organizations’ unhindered protection for all by the government as required by law in the impending senatorial election is indeed troubling.

According to them, the grave delay on the part of government to immediately get the steam out of the fire by speaking out at the soonest, which could restore hope  semblance of trust and confidence including  some level of reliability in the government’s unwavering ability to soberly exercise its constitutional mandate to serve and protect all citizens without condition as well as  those within the nation’s borders and to uphold and respect all tenets of the constitution, adding that the latter have not met required expectation.

Expressing their dismay of the Gedeh connection, and being also cognizant of the existing bad blood between the President and District number10 Representative Yekeh Korlubah, no room should be given to any to political subdivision to retaliate on behave of the President because there is a place constituted to handle such matter if redress must be sought to put where justice belongs rather than to portray a form of being left-for-all-to-interpret based on the adopted notion experienced which  could also mean appeasement for those behind the fracas in Gedeh.

Despite being termed too late for such serious political development, when the December 8, 2020 senatorial election is closing in on the nation coupled with mounted criticisms, condemnations and pressure from public outcry against the manner and form in term of timeliness on how the Gedeh fiasco was handled by the government, pundits continued, with fear, listen with reservation regarding the President’s reaction to the Gedeh saga.

However, President speaking on the matter said “I am deeply concerned by the intemperate language, undue verbal provocations and acts of violence that have crept into our politics in the last several weeks”.

Weah also indicated that he is particularly outraged by the violent mob attacks on political leaders, notably, Alexander B. Cummings, Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties and former Presidential Candidate of the Alternative National Congress, Mr. Yekeh Korlubah, Member of the House of Representatives, and their entourage, which happened on Thursday, July 30, in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County.

According to him, as much as one can reasonably expect that, as we approach the senatorial elections towards the end of the year, political temperature may rise due to intense competition, it is important for all of us to note that in the exercise of our democratic rights in Liberia, violent acts and incendiary language have no place in our polity. Our collective past should make this obvious to us.

The rights to freedom of movement and peaceful assembly — essential conditions for credible elections — are fully protected in the Liberian Constitution and are crucial for the good health of our fledgling democracy. I have mandated the Ministry of Justice to ensure a full and impartial investigation and hold those found culpable accountable for their act, Weah intoned.

“Liberia is a culturally and politically pluralistic society. Consequently, it is important that we establish a culture of courtesy, tolerance and respect for each other”, maintained President Weah.

He boasted that it is common knowledge that I devoted a substantial part of my life, serving this country and humanity in various capacities to consolidate and expand peace, not the least as a UN Ambassador and Ambassador for Peace in Liberia.

He continues that as President of Liberia, he has happily committed himself to safeguard the peace and the Constitution of this country and has reiterated his commitment to this service as lately as during the State of the Nation Address earlier this year.

“I therefore strongly condemn all acts of violence, divisive rhetoric, hate and inflammatory speech that have the propensity to further polarize our society, exacerbate deep-seated intergroup grievances and undermine our hard-won peace and stability”, Weah noted.

He also urged all peace-loving citizens and residents in the nation to join him and his government, as well as all political stakeholders, to work together constructively towards the establishment of mechanisms of dialogue and positive interaction, which would ensure that the political competition is conducted in a non-violent manner.

“If you love me, if you support me, please be peaceful and developmental,” the President said in reference to the hostile Zwedru residents’ action. “Remember that I promised the people of Liberia that my administration will maintain zero tolerance for violence but will maintain the peace, build roads and improve the lives of all.”

-Writes GDJ


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