NASSCORP Arrests Students’ Deficiency -Donates 25,000 Graph Books Rated As Praiseworthy

Operating far beyond its scope of corporate obligations, the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) remains mindful that in the nation building task, it is cogently expedient to nurture and develop a fully grounded manpower resource with a secured future of happiness and relaxation.

      Although the security of genuine future for the working people of this country forms a cardinal component of its modus operandi, yet NASSCOP, a people-centered institution totally concerned about the education, health, habitat-erected several estates and housing units for low income earners in several parts of the country coupled with vivid demonstration of sincere care for the wellbeing of the population, continues to exert its collective efforts and resources in benefiting the nation, the children who are the future of the state.

       In living up to the true meaning and value of such commitment, NASSCORP has also been extending its helping hands to orphanages, health centers in other parts of the country besides the capital, being one of government’s most reliable and dependable productive arms in the growth and development of the country; based on its professional and competent managerial capacity, credibility and capability to provide widely acclaimed results; it remains very keen that education is the nucleus that lubricates all the wheels geared toward  the growth and development of a competing  and accomplished society.

     Its unique and unflinching interest as the engine of reliability in helping others to transforming a bad situation into glad tidings, as the beacon of hope and a progressive bridge for mankind, it will never abandon your quest to excel; that is while the name NASSCORP is a household word; in the words of a profound beneficiary of the latter,  a professionally vibrant entity like NASSCORP does not grow on tree, and if there had not been one in the country, without hesitation, it would have been imperative to invent one.  

     Never ever exhausted to serve humanity, and with an active radar, it has in a bid to help address deficiency faced by Liberian students, especially during public test, the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) has reached out to the Ministry of Education with the donation of 25,000 graph book and a promised to do more ahead of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and the West African Examination Council ((WAEC) tests.

The donation was made Thursday, July 15, 2021 at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, outside Monrovia. Speaking during the donation ceremony, the Deputy Director-General of NASSCORP, Mr. Nyan Tuan said the gesture is in continuation of its support to the Ministry of Education, and is geared towards strengthening and improving the education sector.

“We are here today to donate to our students through the Ministry. So, we have decided to donate these graph books as our students get set for their WASSCE. By this, they will not have any excuses of the graph sheet,” stated the Deputy NASSCORP boss.

“We are happy to be here. This is a business we started due to our interests in the education sector. We will continue our partnership with the Military of education so that some of those gaps we have in the sector can be addressed,” Mr. Tuan added.

A total of 43,000 students will sit this year’s WASSCE/WAEC tests. Mr. Tuan disclosed that NASSCORP will discuss a way forward to address the need of the remaining numbers.

In remarks, Education Minister Professor Ansu Sonii, lauded NASSCORP for the gesture. “We are happy to see the arrival of these books. Thank you for your support to the student population in this country. We are very grateful for this,” the MOE boss stated.

Minister Sonii pointed out that the ministry will use the registration roster of schools to aid in the distribution process. “This donation will go a long way even though we have some shortcomings. But again, this donation will go a long way. We will start distributing the donation beginning with Nimba, Bong, Bassa, Grand Cape Mount, Bomi and Gbarpolu Counties,” he asserted.

“Maryland and other coastal counties will be sent through boat. We need to also ensure that the private schools perform because without them we will not achieve anything in the educational sector, so they too, will be included in this distribution,” he noted.

Like Minister Sonii, Deputy Minister for Instructions at MOE, Mr. Alexander Duopu, thanked NASSACORP for the gesture. There is a need for the support. “Thank you for making our students to address their deficiencies in the areas of mathematics. What you have done today is so huge,” he added.

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