“My Security, Life In Weah & Gov’t’s Hands” –Declares Fmr. Deputy Min. Wolokollie

Unlike Julius Caesar who gallantly defied the military plotters in Rome, crossed the Rubicon, landed in militarized Rome and crushed renegades like Pompeii along and others in their rebellion to depose and decapitate Caesar’s regime he was battling in Gualle; so Napoleon Bonaparte didn’t survive an inch at the Waterloo where defeat ended his military crusade.

At the same time, since the inception of the native born to excel to the helm of state power through a military Coup, Master Samuel K. Doe and his 17 (including himself) noncommissioned officers of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), under the rubric of People’s Redemption Council (PRC) April 12, 1980l upheaval that brought down the over 100 years of one party state milked by the True Whig Party (TWP), it took 37 years for another typical aborigine  to capture the presidency this time in a democratically  held election.

Thereafter, his ascendancy to state power, the head of the new regime and his Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), President George M. Weah, a soccer legend with no political inclination; his close here year-leadership has been disturbingly saddled with in-fight, confidence crisis, upright corruption, abused of the constitution, patronizing appeasement of cronyism, nepotism, accommodation of sycophants, blind loyalists and selected supporters.

In a PARROT’s surrey conducted recently in Monrovia and few leeward counties, it became an open secret that while the popularity rating of the once widely acclaimed leadership from the onset. It is now shrinking discouragingly based on acute disappointment in the leadership to function in line with the democratic principles and tenets coupled with its dismal performance on both national and international stages.

This pathetic menace has dreadfully eclipsed the progressive forward march of the administration wherein, a hard-to-be cowed Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry, Madam Jemima Wolokollie, a pain in the neck of Minister Wilson Tarpeh on policies implementation in the supreme interest of the state and people as well as honestly and openness, a firebrand style of executing people-centered regulations which has  brought her under serious condemnations, criticisms and finally earned her a time indefinite suspension by President, later reinstated and at last dismissed by Weah, is now placing her security or life in the hands of Weah and his government.

Accordingly, President Weah’s decision follows a string of actions incompatible with Deputy Minister Wolokollie’s status as a senior government official.

Deputy Minister Wolokolie was earlier suspended by the President for insubordination and unprofessionalism.

The Chief Executive is urging all officials of government who bear the public trust to conduct themselves properly.

In a PRIME TIME Morning Drive radio phone-in talk show on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 amidst revealing a startling  revelation about administrative bad practices including corruption at the Commerce Ministry; along with her decision to fully contest the Montserrado County’s senatorial seat of which the CDC considered its stronghold, and a no-go-zone; and having lost it to opposition Liberty Party; now galvanizing every ounce of resources and mobilization to re-capture  the lost ‘precious political trophy’ in December; dismissed Deputy Minister Wolokollie says her security or life is in the hands of the President and his government and as such, let the word go forth that anything that happens to her, the government and President Weah will be blamed.

Writes GDJ



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