My Opinion on Mo Ali’s Leaked Conversation

Danbury, CT 15 15 April 2021: First, I would like to caution those discussing the issue on social media not to politicize or trivialize the matter. The allegations are grave. They have moral, ethical and legal implications. By no means, we should turn this matter into a regular joke, or an ordinary laughing matter.


Mr. Mo Ali is an official of the Unity Party, one of the constituent political parties of the Collaborating Political Parties. The Unity Party should suspend Mr. Ali with immediate effect and launch an investigation into the allegations. During the period of the investigation, Mr. Ali should have nothing to do with the Unity Party and CPP pending the outcome. The Unity Party should also inform the public about such investigation and assure the public of impartiality in the process.


Additionally, the leak conversation should be a subject of interest to the Ministry of Justice since the pressure brought to bear on the lady in the conversation to abort the pregnancy has serious legal implications. Section 16.3 of the Penal Law provides that abortion beyond 24 weeks is illegal. It furthers that an abortion is legal if it occurs ONLY after licensed physician determines there’s substantial risk that continuing the pregnancy would greatly impair the mother’s physical, and or, mental health. Abortion may also be justified if the child would be born with grave physical or mental defects. Therefore, I implore the Ministry of Justice to immediately launch an investigation into this matter, and ensure that the process is carried out impartially.


In essence, the timely interventions of the Unity Party, CPP and the Ministry of Justice in addressing this moral, ethical and legal issue cannot be overemphasized. Serving justice in this matter involving a public official will be a deterrent going forward.

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