My official response to my failed and illegal arrest by NSA Death Squad on Friday, October 16, 2020.

Authored by Julius T. Jaesen, II

My official response to my failed and illegal arrest by NSA Death Squad on Friday, October 16, 2020.

On Monday, October 12, 2020, as an Associate Editor of Parrot, I wrote a news story in the Parrot Online News Web concerning the reported mysterious death of the former Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency, Mr Emmanuel Barteen Nyeswa. In the news story, I averred according to our credible sources, that the late Mr Nyeswa and his team had just concluded an audit of funds that was given to the Liberian government to combat the coronavirus pandemic and hence, presented their draft report to the auditees for their official responses before the final report is released. We also intimated that whilst awaiting the responses of the auditees, our sources confirmed that the Incident Management System and Min. Samuel D. Tweah made several efforts reaching out to the deceased Director-General, Nyeswa, to conceal the damaging audit reports which uprooted massive wave of corruption and loot of millions of dollars intended to wage war on covid-19 and have it defeated.

We also categorically stated in our news story that Mr Nyeswa resisted Tweah and the Incident Management System intervention to have him bribed to cover up the audit report. Hence his resistance, they hired assassins who murdered him on early Saturday at 1:00 AM and told diabolical lies that he died by falling from upstairs.

May I also re-emphasise that our story was thoroughly written on the account of credible and unimpeachable sources from within the hierarchy of the governing system, and we’re hereby under obligation in keeping with an ethical oath to protect our sources. We will in our journalistic pursuit continue to work in defence of democracy and the Liberian people, and at such, nothing will scare us from doing that.

Since the publication of this news story by the Parrot, NSA Death Squad has been aggressively pursuing my life for days. They have been at my home in Doe Community which I have not slept since I took up a critical stance against the loot and state-sponsored plunder of my country. They have made efforts locating Parrot office to get me and the Publisher of the newspaper, Mr Robert Moncio Wilmot Decontee Yeani Kpadeh, a crusading intellectual and revolutionary struggle figure against the excesses of the government of President Weah perpetrated by marauding criminals who came to power on the mantra of “change for hope”.

After they failed so miserably to find me at my home, the Parrot office which has been closed since and in the public space, they went at a school they’ve falsely assumed I’m connected with. So, on Friday, October 16, 2020, NSA Death Squad went at the school and took along with them, a CID officer from a local police station to have me illegally arrested.

When they got at the gate of the school, this number (0770649994) called me. Immediately when I picked up the call, he said we (not singular) are standing at your gate and have come to see you – can you please come out? I then replied to him and said where do I have a gate and who am I speaking with. Again, he said at your school here in Brewerville and my name is George. So, I told him I have no clue of what he was talking about and no connection as well to any school in Brewerville. Later, he said but someone gave me your number and told me you are Jaesen. Immediately, on a conversation I recorded on the phone, I asked him who gave him my number, a question that he didn’t answer. So, I told him yes, I’m the Jaesen whoever told you about but I have no connection whatsoever to the school you went to find me.

It’ll interest you to note that they pretended that they have their kids they want to send at the school for enrollment and needed to assess the facilities on the school campus. Truly, if they were genuine about having their kids enroll at the school, and were truly at the gate as they claimed, they would have talked with the authority of the school instead of calling and insisting that I come out when I have zero connection whatsoever with the school. But sadly, they were after my life only.

I want to use this medium to inform you all Liberians and the world that my life is under threat by hired assassins believed to be NSA Death Squad. Of late, we see our country under the government of Ex-football legend turns into a killer’s nation. We see just in less than twelve days our nation woke up to devastating news of mysterious deaths of four auditors who were all employees of the government of Liberia. But before then, we witnessed last year, the mysterious death of Matthew Innis of the Central of Bank of Liberia who knew exactly about the then missing 16 billion printed Liberian banknotes with no investigation by the government establishing the cause of his death.

So, seeing me exposing the wave of corruption and loot of my country, I’m not surprised that my life has come under threat by a government made up of zombies and incompetent nitwits whose only refuge sought is violence and elimination of political opponents.

This government has resurrected Liberia’s painful past where critical voices in Liberia were bundled up and eliminated gruesomely by regime thugs and hired assassins only because they stand opposed to excesses in the ruling government. I believe so strongly that this is an assault on our nascent democracy and a complete declaration of war on freedom of speech and expression. Our democracy thrives when we embrace alternative views in our drive to make Liberia truly a glorious land of liberty.

Nevertheless, we are not oblivious to the risk associated with this struggle for change as is with all struggles against dictatorships. But within our blood lies the unyielding willpower to deliver the motherland, a cause greater than the life of a few of us, making it worthy of a glorious death should the moment requires it.

However, I want to draw the attention of our international partners, the Committee for the Protection of Journalists, US Embassy, Europe Union, UN, Amnesty International, Ecowas, Human Rights Watch, WAJA, PUL, Council of Churches, Inter-Religious Council and sundry to the wave of threats of mysterious deaths, violence and attacks on critical voices in Liberia by elements believed to be from the corrupt ruling class.

We will not sit back and allow the democracy for which over 350 thousand lives were lost and properties valued over billions of dollars destroyed rollback.

The Liberian people, for whom, to whom and from whom POWER is derived, have been kneeling under synchronised systematic dictatorships and tyrannies for a long time; not out of ignorance, but agonising tolerance in hope for a better Liberia, a fleeting illusion now rudely awakened by the wanton irreverence and vestiges of democracy. The nation’s turbulent democracy under President Weah has become a plethora of national calamity, denigrating the oppressed masses to a life of wandering and roving despair and lack. This which have given a few of my colleagues the intestinal courage to stand up against the wanton abuse of our country.

We believe if the government is injured by our utterances over the time or about our news story in the Parrot, let them make use of the rule of law by taking us to court then hiring NSA Death Squad to eliminate me and the publisher, Robert Kpadeh.

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