Mr. President, Is SOE’s Achievement Praiseworthy?

After running the State of Emergency (SOE) declaration for four consecutive seasons (time) heartlessly interrupting people’s daily and regular hustles in a system swallowed by rampant corruption teleguided by the privileged few, followed by the so-called ‘golden elite’ and stalling the substance of their respective movement from your own reasonable conclusion logically and fruitfully, is the achievement of the SOE praiseworthy?

While it’s your Constitutional right to declare such when the country is plagued with a dreadful virus called Coronavirus simply put as COVID-19, it is also believed that a comprehensive national plan was hatched to collectively battle the menace that has been rated pandemic rather than hitched onto others’ format by directly applying the copy and paste in their COVID-19 fray, without considering the difference in cultures, the strength of their economies and the manner and form planned to bring at least maximum relief to the people in the interim

The fight, unlike Ebola was not regimented on a united front; instead, it was politically carved and selfishly partitioned into individual projects which did not make any significant impact but turned out to be a big national joke and a fiasco.

Instead of a united front, the nation’s plight was fragmented among the self-styled movers and shakers’ projects ..beginning with Weah Project; Jewel Project; Judi and MCC Project, Findley Project and on and on projecting and promoting individual’s political image that fell far too short of reaching the people in the various counties yet based on the declared SOE, they (lockdown people) were indeed the profound sufferers of the deadly killer, hunger virus. Quietly frankly, only few selected places with attached vested interest barely received some items distributed thereby leaving out vast segment of the country.

It’s the worse of time, when health workers are falling prey upon being exposed to COVID-19 in the absence of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at the heart of run-down health centers and facilities, with the hunger-virus weighing its toll on the helpless people stuck in their respective homes with nothing to bite on, but painfully and pitifully surviving on oxygen; as the publicly declared government’s US$30m stimulus package still remains a total charade for almost the entire country, despite the demarcation exercise poorly  conducted nationwide to enhance the distribution of rations to those classified as the most  vulnerable followed by simmering report of the purchasing of four bulletproof presidential cars valued at US$1.9m in a badly crippled and near death economy, it is obvious that the President must tell the people how praiseworthy is the SOE’s achievement has been.

 When stealing with confidence, with the disappearance of the LPRC’s gas saga which sparked up massive petroleum shortage and directly impeded the free flow of traffic coupled with reported US$4m nose mask scheme given to the Tailor Union by the government to produce and ensure the availability of the latter, such has not seen the light of day and still remains a questionable achievement for the President to  currently explain to the people whether it was better done with praiseworthy and positive impact.

Mr. President, once again, and with every due respect, is SOE’s achievement Praiseworthy?

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