“Mr. Clean” -Late Rawlings Declared Fmr. VP Boakai; As He (Boakai) Scolds Culture Of Impunity A Cancerous Recipe for Good Governance

Thorough infantry into the activities of former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai’s (JNB) service in various governments has given him a clean bill, and indeed one person who has not allowed that to go unnoticed, been an arch-enemy of corruption in any form and manner, the former late Ghanaian President, John Jerry Rawlings has proudly referred to him (Boakai) as ‘Mr. Clean”.

According to Mr.  Boakai, while it is true that the evil that one does certainly will live after him or her; he believes that the Late Rawlings may have heard and known something about his (JNB) modus operandi during his public service, and possessing the noise to smell offensive practices in both the public and private sectors, without hesitation, he called me Mr. Clean in reference to proudly maintained character.

Living up to the glory and merit of the name Mr. Clean, the statesman has proven over the last 12 years as vice president of being a man who does not encroach on things he has not or did not earn honestly through the dignity of labor and frowned grimly on people in the public space who are using their positions, power and connections to pillage state’s coffers with impunity.

In a brief chat (interview) with the Costa show live via internet on Sunday, April 18, 2021 Dr. Boakai bleakly painted the culture of impunity as a cancerous recipe for good governance that rapidly erodes the spirit of growth and development and profoundly damages the image of confidence and credibility, thereby exposing the country to the outside world as the cradle of dishonesty, insincerity and lawlessness.

A determining player for the presidency in 2023, the astute politician made it clear that he is the only person who can take out incumbent President George M. Weah, and despite being defeated in the 2017 presidential election when it was reported that the incumbent won with over 64 per cent of the votes, and that he won in 14 of the 15 counties; but here is the irony, like what most of the soccer fans in Liberia, mainly those with vested interest in the various European leagues  normally say: “YOU KILLED ELEPHANT AND EAT DRY RICE” was what the aftermath of the poor performance of President Weah has been marred with abject poverty; hardship; chronically alarming unemployment; being totally allergic to the attraction of direct foreign investments and by extension, investors;  gravely challenged health facilities; frustrating education system; badly lapsed security; political corruption which has overwhelmed the judiciary; the very disturbing and appalling human rights record including the manner and form in which the country is being governed to the complete exclusion  of transparency and accountability, are among the woes piercing the image of the country at home and abroad.

Under his (JNB upon victory at the 2023 polls) leadership, he pointed out that the culture of impunity that breeds crimes as the perpetrators is giving a visa to roaming around freely without arrest, while victims of the perpetrators’ restlessly wail, and the people feel so insecure in their own country, will definitely be stamped out and stopped.

He also wondered why the leaders, beginning with the President cannot to go the United States (besides the trip to attend the traditional United Nations General Assembly) and present the nation’s case for the urgent need of cooperation; build up their data bank of international contacts and break new and fresh grounds to connect through explorations, more welcoming and confidence-driven business climate on the home front, are some political draw-backs hampering the person-to-person dialogue with their western counterparts, and when that is done way with; the nation will once again begin to breathe a new air of mutual respect and maximum cooperation from the outside world.

Asked if he is still interesting in building roads as was highlighted in his 2017 campaign quest, the soft spoken politician answered joyfully, that the road-venture is number 1, 2, 3 and 4 on his agenda and rather than million dollars roads, he will build roads that will open up the country and provide jobs for the people.

-Writes GDJ

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