Money Makes Man Mad


By: Cde Romeo Famuleh

Money makes man mad
Money takes a man out of mind
Money flies with him into the land of the unknown
Money makes him forget his character
Money overshadows his feelings

Money makes man mad
Money carries him in space
Money makes his search for all the glamorous things on Earth
Money sails with him over the ocean like Robinson Crusoe
Money never brakes carrying him places.

Money makes man mad
Money makes him think to be the only being on Earth
Money stands in the way of others happiness
Money levels the forest trees and man destroys nature
Money seizes not to keep him apart from others

Money makes man mad
Money makes him molest others for no good reason
Money makes him allow others to abuse his pride
Money allows him to throw his integrity away for bread
Money keeps him in blindness only to stand for the wrong.

Money makes man mad
Money stupidly makes him thinks he can carry the world in his bedroom
Money keeps justice in the cave for years
Money makes a man take a meal three times a day while others struggle for one
Money makes him take away others lives for supremacy

Money makes man mad
Money makes him drive luxurious cars while poor kids are not in school
Money makes a man keep searching for his want everywhere around the Earth
Money keeps man away from his origin
Money makes man mad, yet! man-made money

Is this life all about money?



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