MOH Takes Big Leap -In Curbing The Deadly Coronavirus Surge

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MHSW) has made a great leap in the fight against the ravishing COVID#19 virus by bringing into the country over 25,000 cartons of modern testing kits with more supplies expected.

According to reports reaching our news desk, the Biosensors Rapid Antigens testing device brought into the country by the MOH has the scientific capacity to conduct a test and deliver credible and accurate result in 15 minutes, instead of days and weeks.

The most needed modern testing device will be placed at public and private health facilities and in designated communities across the country to conduct rapid and accurate COVID test.

The swiftness and accuracy of the testing kits to discover the disease within an ailing person can be done in 15 minutes at medical institutions which is not only a maximum relief in the COVID fight, but a restoration of lost hope in the Ministry of Health in particular, and the government at large which had been demonstrated earlier by the people. With this new medical technology, doubt about the amount of people infected with the virus can be easily laid to rest as thousands of accurate and credible COVID tests can be conducted within 24hours across the country thus establishing the degree of transmission of the virus across the country, which puts MOH in a much better position regarding how its responds and where to deplore more resources and efforts.

According to reports, the cost of the current consignment of Biosensors Rapid Antigens is put at US$300,000 and its impact in the current response effort against the killer virus will go a long way, medical experts say. The new and modern test kits is being piloted and is expected to go live or full effect on July 1, 2021.

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