Min. Tweah Criticise Over Statement to Complain Opposition










By Julius T. Jaesen, II

The Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Mr Samuel D. Tweah, speaking over the weekend at a program vowed to complain the opposition who protested and accused the CDC-led government over the much-heralded missing 16 billion to the international community. Minister Tweah frown at the opposition for falsely accusing the government of embezzling 16 billion new Liberian banknotes printed under the regime of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf when indeed no money ever went missing.

However, political pundits are tongue-lashing Min. Tweah over his quest to complain to our international partners, the opposition for accusing the Weah-led government over missing 16 billion. What Samuel D. Tweah fails to note is that the opposition did not act in a vacuum to rally Liberians to a protest under the banner of, “Bring Back Our Money” but rather they acted on two statements from the government of Liberia establishing that money went missing and the government was investigating. We can recall in August of 2018, the Ministry of Justice through Cllr. Frank Musah Dean and Min. Lenn Eugene Nagbe of the Ministry of Information, separately issued press statements in the media confirming allegation of new Liberian banknotes printed that went missing. In fact, Eugene Nagbe even inflated the figure to something above 16 billion new Liberian banknotes as opposed to what the opposition claimed. It can be recalled that former President Sirleaf disagreed with Min. Nagbe and urged the government that they should read the report at the Central Bank on the printed banknotes. It was in the eleven hours that Min. Samuel Tweah, speaking to the press, said Liberians should not listen to Min. Nagbe as he has no knowledge on such financial matter. The statement from Min. Tweah fuelled bad blood between him and Eugene.

But notwithstanding, political commentators and pundits believe that if anybody Samuel Tweah should complain about to our international partners should be Cllr. Frank Musah Dean and Min. Lenn Eugene Nagbe who issued public statements that validated the opposition claim of money went missing. We sat here and heard Min. Nagbe speaking on VOA and BBC claiming that new banknotes were printed in both Canada and Sweden, information that runs contrary to the Kroll’s report. As far we are concerned, Minister Nagbe is the official spokesperson of the government, hence, any statement coming from him will be considered as the official position of the government and not the loudmouth Samuel Tweah, political pundits speaking.

Moreover, political pundits are saying that Samuel D. Tweah should be ashamed to talk about anything regarding money, as he (Samuel Tweah) fails to account for the 25 million given to the Economic Management Team spearheaded by him to mob up excess liquidity of the Liberian dollars on the market. They claim that Samuel Tweah ate the 25 million and created imaginary names and foreign exchange bureaus whose locations cannot be known, least to even mention contact numbers.

Both the Kroll and government of Liberia’s reports on the 25 million intended to mob up access liquidity of the Liberian dollars on the market pointed to misapplication and malfeasance on the part of Samuel Tweah and his Economic Management Team. Pundits and political commentators speaking to the Parrot Newspaper, wonder why George Weah still keeps a “broad day criminal” like Samuel Tweah as Minister of Finance. They claim that Samuel is an incompetent bigot who failed dismally in his position as fiscal manager of our country’s economy. Liberians further urge that President Weah should dismiss Samuel Tweah, handcuff him and turn him over to the court for prosecution on the unaccounted 25 million USD.


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