Min. Nagbe’s Unforgettable Lie -When It Becomes Difficult To Turn Lie Into Truth

From all indications, it is becoming glaring that the Pro-Poor Regime is actually drowning in in the pool of disrespectfulness propels by the demonstration of the poorest quality of statesmanship through gross violation of the constitution and other norms.

What is very interesting is the classified sarcasm that lumbers gravely on Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe in the quest to persuade the concerned citizens in defending the quandary his boss-President George M. Weah has squeezed himself in by engraving his image on the referendum postal placarded on billboards scattered all over the country with clear vote YES inscribed for the four components from the constitution that required amendment.

All along, little  did the government know that while the presentation of the postal was not only a complete violation of the elections’ law governing pre-campaign exercise, but also prepared intentionally to whitewash the mental concept of the people psychologically thereby luring them into voting his (Weah’s) desire as being portrayed from the inscription  on displayed billboards.

In Minister Nagbe’s ill-nurtured defense that was contained in a very run-down clay pot recklessly gushing out speedily and pathetically, every content of tactical maneuver intended to color the gross violation of the constitution by Dr. Weah turned out to be an unforgettable lie told by the government’s spokesman which has put a mark on the soul of the administration.

Having waited so long before Rainbow Chairman Reginald Goodridge blew the whistle on the uncultured practice of Weah, who is under oath to protect, defend and uphold the constitution and all other laws of the country, by declaring the tear down of all such billboards based on its nature of total violation; Minister Nabge on OK FM radio told the people that Weah has done nothing wrong and has not violated any provision of the constitution and the election’s law.

Proclaiming to be at his best in what he ought to be doing as justification for his inclusion in government, Nagbe took it a little further when asked by the host whether it is right for the image of Weah to be engraved on the postal widely publicized far ahead of the referendum, obviously, caught flat-footed in an absolute quandary, the Minister had to pass the buck by projecting the will of the people who saw it expedient to include Weah’s image on the postal displayed on the billboards throughout, and was never sanctioned by him (Weah).

This pops up more questions than answers. That the people engraved Weah’s image on the postal reflecting the four cardinal issues to be voted YES was in no way approved by Weah or some political gurus in government; although not being sanctioned by or him (Weah) the establishment clearly substantiates that it was wrong to do in the first place? And if the government knew that the latter was not correct, why it wasn’t taken down somewhere along the road and properly corrected rather Rainbow had to sound the trumpet loud on such uncouth attitude before government’s attention can be drawn to the serious violation of the law? 

Nabge has long been up to the task, justified adequately no matter how odd it may turn out to be, but he has also come to realize that some time, it is too difficult to turn lie into truth and by extension, it is much more tough and disingenuous to polish the violation of someone who will not learn, and cannot slow down or change a little from perpetually abusing the laws and constitution of the nation, while exclusively relying on an open-ended visa of impunity.

It can be recalled that The never-tired- violator of the Constitution and other cardinal norms of the country, President George M. Weah has been chided for misinterpreting the basic idea for the referendum which is aimed at making some “amendments” in the constitution and not “change” as being misleading reflective on the billboards posted at strategic areas in Monrovia.

According to the National Rainbow Alliance Executive Committee, Mr. Reginald Goodridge, billboards bearing the photograph of President Weah are misinforming the Liberian people regarding amending the country’s 1986 Constitution.

The Rainbow Alliance (RA) comprising the largest group of registered political parties in Liberia has been granted authorization by the National Elections Commission (NEC) to operate as a single political institution pending the certification process.

Reiterating further, the Timetable released by the National Elections Commission, the official launch of Referendum Outreach and Media Campaign is October 16, 2020. Hence, the publication and display of awareness materials carrying the image of the President of Liberia campaigning for the Referendum far ahead of the NEC timetable is a gross violation of the Laws governing the electoral process.

The justification of Proposition 1 (Article 28) as contained in the Gazette is sadly biased, selfish, and insensitive to the long standing issues of economic exclusion of underprivileged Liberians’ active ownership of the economy. The Referendum favors the political elites as can be exemplified in the protection of jobs than the economic survival of the Liberian people.

On the issue of dual citizenship, Proposition 1 (Article 28) is deeply flawed, draconian and opens the possibility of loopholes and fraud in the assumption of Liberian citizenship.

-Writes GDJ



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