Massive Betrayal To The Core! -Incapable To Provide The Promised Change; The Worst-Case-Scenario

A renowned visiting statesman (asked not to be named) wondering over the ‘political psychic’ of Liberians indicated that it is disingenuous that a set of people would be so recklessly unconcerned about honor and the culture of being determinedly focused on realism that will set for them, a reputable standard, solely and wholly rooted in commitment to service to the supreme interest of the state and people and not to always quench the political thirst of unreliable, undependable, unserious hustling political power seekers, with no  home-based  functioning establishment of factors of production

Shortly before his departure, he told this medium  from his observation both in the political arena and the playing field, that the electorates are never in the calculated mode of setting the agenda for what they need and must see happen from the winners for them; and that the set agenda cloud shift from one group of development projects to another based  on urgent needs; example, the economy, health, education and security as top priorities to be fully supported profoundly by the succeeding government based on the prevailing circumstances, it could also be transformed into agriculture being high on the priority list, having listened to the seekers’ political visions and how to tailor same to accommodate most critically needed developmental engagement on the national scene

According to him, Liberians must ensure that such concept forms the bedrock of their foundation as electorates and must pressed  the hardest without compromise for the deliverance of the earmarked developmental projects; and if the winners failed to make the  challenges productively fruitful, and treat the state and people’s aspirations and expectations to be business as usual, then  they must, without second thought, be harshly punished  at the democratically inspired ballot box until this becomes the embedded culture of the Liberian political psychic, and it must be done positively, adding , if Liberians do this, and continue on that path, they will surely reap the development and actual change  they’re craving for from their elected leaders and instill in them  the highest level of seriousness to duty and credible coupled with praiseworthy  performance from their leaders; thereby reaping a marvelous dividend for the people and state.

He pointed out that as long as Liberians continue to fall for anything  due to their total weakness, less interest in what should shape the future for them and the children and the state or no concrete  nor vested attention demonstration during the political season, but keep on being too satisfied with the over-chewed bones and lousy crumbs dropped under the tables from the now-made-masters; with no ability, capability, let alone the sophistication to keep the latter in check, Liberians, besides the elites and privileged few, will always become the worst-case-scenario, perpetual  and the absolute victims and inheritors  of massive betrayal to the core of their own God given benefits, opportunities and the endowment of varieties of numerous rich mineral resources attended by very important natural resources as, and, for them-the people.

Now, the struggle to make the incumbent a one term President which has been openly declared and proclaimed, however, the required political ‘vehicle’ destined to democratically run the incumbent out of political power and glory, appears to be in tatters and badly saddled with thorny obstacles of the highest magnitude, while disdainfully overwhelmed with deep-seated fear compounded by crisis of trust and egotism, that  while delaying the people’s greatest quest and expectation to see progress, equally so, be not fooled into thinking that the politically fragile incumbent will continue the fight for his political life for the second time with hands completely stretched down, instead, he will capitalize on the current ongoing internal wrangling and confidence crisis gradually weakening  and pulling apart the cells of cohesiveness, as a vigorously robust energizer to re-group his lost kick of an overly frightened horse to replace his political dormancy; and if he is allowed to run with that without the erection of a consolidated solid wall as checkpoint to stall his political velocity, then obviously, any, and all archrivals are doomed and the long talked about second term is bound to become a shining reality at the expense of failure to understand, accept, and implement fully the spirit of collectivism imbued with the zeal of the believe in the work and activities of oneness and the demonstrated sense of belonging. Is that how the archrivals to the incumbent want to see the political game being pronounced over; as the saddened people beat to breaking point their chests in total regret, disgruntlement followed by the gnashing of teeth in absolute shame?

At the same time, the question is asked; what works well in President George M. Weah’s government, is now the point to ponder. Is it the governing system so saddled with inconsistencies and a long chain of discouragements of confidence in the failed leadership to institute a change that has long been craved for, and propounded by the regime; with a clarion call as a hope of breaking from the past? Could it be the rooted notion of being totally unconcerned about honor and disgrace and about the respect for the value for the rule of law, and the defender of the Constitution that is breached anytime and at will without an iota of check-and-balance being meted out?

Can it be the lack of enforceability of its very mandates ranging from security to providing tactful and decentralized social services basically the likes of electricity, pipe borne water facilities; let alone the attraction and sustained direct foreign investments, badly smashed and flabbergasted by mistrust, unreliable and questionable judiciary system wherein justice is a canned and casualty in the community of truism?

Just what works well in Weah’s administration…should it be its most feared taboo of transparency and accountability placed under key and lock?  Despite all the tons of chronically over-heated odds piercing the regime’s inability saliently manage state’s entrusted  authority, resources, nation’s image properly and very well; and to ensure general equity; one sticky and dwindling issue is the manner and form  in which the current electricity is being provided without any clearly and meaningful  monitoring mechanism in place; the end result, areas next to each other are dimly divided as the other will be beaming in electricity, the closet next door neighbors will for days, I not week, perpetually date total darkness without the courtesy of a furnished information explaining why or why not; which sadly, but seriously runs contrary to the core fulcrum of the World Bank’s objective regarding the project.

Knowing that unemployment in Liberia was running through the glass roof with no signal of things taking the turn for the better part; being completely cognizant of the government’s incapability and ability to attract fresh investments despite  the over-sung fairy tale that President Weah is the classic and most acclaimed showroom and by extension, warehouse of most needed investments and investors, only waiting his call upon his ascendency to the helm of state power to start pouring in by the drones.

It was made openly vivid that the electricity would be avoidable and available which in turn, will empower the many who are unemployed to fence for themselves since electricity is energy and such energy can enable the cut-away from the mainstrain of employment to operate their individual businesses to sustain themselves and their families.

This is the reward that a limping government accumulates after selling its soul to an administration totally unconcerned about honor and disgrace.

Writes GDJ  

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