Mansions Competition’ Overwhelms CDC -Footed From Pay Checks? Tainted ‘Politico-Merchants’ Parade Structures


The “trademark” of the Congress for Democratic Change’s (CDC’s) elites has clearly been exemplified from the erection of gigantic structures and compounds reflective of mansions and while transforming the landscape quizzically, pundits are craving  to establish if these huge erected structures are footed from the owners’ respective pay checks.

According to pundits, most of those now proudly parading these mansions, were shacking in one-room apartments, and yet could not even avoid to underwrite the rental fees before entering into the workforce of this government, but are today, the owners of newly built mansions and compounds of which their individual pay checks cannot withstand; even if they had worked for the next 20 years, they won’t even come near in sourcing such money to erect the expensive flashy structures  scattered all over the place.

While it is equally so pathetic, that the elites are entrenched anti-transparency and anti-accountability gurus from the strike of any imagination, the infamous spree of questionable numerous erected mansions located at strategic areas, many of those close to assignments and positions that generate direct physical cash, and also appeared to know the name of the game, grab-and-get-rich-quick-at-all-cost-and-cause, because there is no “gbe-led” (fool)  in the oracle, let alone, dummy  does not cut scent (cards) cleverly and keenly imitate their seniors in shady opportunities, and without second though, jumped into the coco-party by amassing ill-gotten wealth and properties on a very rapid scale knowing that they too will not be interrogated for the overnight achievements in wealth and cash.

Although they hate to be told that there is no acceptable cogent evident to legitimize their expensively overnight built mansions nor any morally credible explanations, despite trampling underfoot, the Code of Conduct thus rending it totally insignificance in the face of “mansions competition” that overwhelms the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC); in spite that they conned the system to propel them in such undesirable and quizzical ownership of the vast wealth and properties they have accrued; they, at the same time, remain practically acknowledgeable from media reports and information provided on several phone-in-talk-shows which point directly to corruption of the highest magnitude, that is now oozing its toxic garbage which has pathetically defaced and deformed people’s trust and confidence in the ruling establishment, thereby making it very difficult to clean up from the landscape  up to the celebration of International Anti-Corruption Day which has bitten so hard that Liberia is now being  placed on the active radar with former notorious warlord and Senator of Nimba County, Evangelist Prince Y. Johnson  being hooked and slapped with corruption sanction.

With this warning shot from the US Government, which should, in no uncertain term, serve as an unhindered caveat to all those serving in the public space (government), no matter the status; that all ill-gotten wealth and cash siphoned from the coffers of the government, will sooner than later, be made to account for, as the Economic Crime Court will soon get its full legal iron teeth to chew up such toxic belongings, with massive confiscation of unjustified wealth and freezing of the huge cash taken active center space without any form of  backdoor compromise. So true, the time is coming, and very soon, we’ll see the actual true owners with clean hands, therein, the tallest chickens shall be seen by all after the rain (trial).

Of late, the U.S. Treasury Sanctions Prince Yormie Johnson Under Global Magnitsky Act (December 9, 2021) on International Anti-Corruption Day, the U.S. Mission in Liberia stands in solidarity with all those committed to confronting and ending widespread corruption.

This includes those within the Government of Liberia who stand up against corruption, committed Liberian citizens and organizations seeking to challenge the impunity of corrupt officials, and international organizations supporting anti-corruption efforts.

The current sanctioning of Senator Prince Yormie Johnson is one small part of that effort. International Anti-Corruption Day has been observed annually on December 9 since the United Nations General Assembly adopted the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) on October 31, 2003 to raise public awareness for anti-corruption initiatives. There are currently 187 States party to the UNCAC. In addition to sending a message against corrupt behavior, Treasury uses its tools to increase transparency, accountability, and the rule of law.

With these designations, Treasury encourages all governments to implement anti-corruption reforms to address vulnerabilities. Today also marks the official start of the Summit for Democracy, which highlights corruption as one of the three areas most critical for democracies to address.

President Joseph R. Biden said, in his June 2021 action establishing the fight against corruption as a core national security interest, that “Corruption corrodes public trust; hobbles effective governance; distorts markets and equitable access to services; undercuts development efforts; contributes to national fragility, extremism, and migration; and provides authoritarian leaders a means to undermine democracies worldwide.

When leaders steal from their nations’ citizens or oligarchs flout the rule of law, economic growth slows, inequality widens, and trust in government plummets.” The U.S. Mission in Liberia has long reported on the pervasiveness of corruption within the Government of Liberia, including in the annual Human Rights Report.

Organizations such as Transparency International also score Liberia very poorly in terms of corruption. But more than that, Liberian Government officials and citizens themselves regularly report on corrupt government activities that reach across all sectors of governance and society.

No government is free from corruption, but no government can improve its democracy without simultaneously attacking corruption, and that effort must start at the very top, both in word and in deed, the release added.

On this International Anti-Corruption Day, we call on all three branches of the Government of Liberia to acknowledge that public officials should not receive financial benefit from their positions other than their salary and should take all necessary measures to stand up to the corruption that continues to erode the trust between the government and its people.

At the same time, one maxim that cannot be forgotten about is, the fall of a brown leaf is a very serious warning to the green leaf enjoying the protection and comfort of the host tree. The vivid reality is that no matter how long it may take, green leaf will one day tune to brown, and finally touch the ground. That is the law of nature that has power over all mankind.

Again, as embattled Senator Prince Y. Johnson corruption sanction saga begins to steam up, on the home front, sthe Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has reported that the Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Mrs. Davidetta Brown Lansana has been hooked with conflict of interest when she faced the LACC for an investigation and reportedly admitted to t charge of spending over US$180K to purchase a piece of device which according to report, costs far below the amount paid to a company runs by her two half-brothers of which one is the owner and the other, a senior staff for operations.

The report also noted that the NEC Chairman did not consul the other Commissioners about the purchase of the equipment from her brothers’ company; and that the process did not go through the bidding process which according to best practice, must be conducted by the PPCC and as such, amounts to corruption and that government is expected to draw up charge against her in keeping the statue that establishes that integrity entity (LACC).

-Writes GDJ  

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