Looking Inside From Outside -Is CPPI in High Gear to Give Weah A ‘One-way’ Non-Refundable Ticket Or Just Charade?


Will it be a day of rejoicing, where the popping of Champagne will pave the long march to realizing a politically transformed dream into crystal clear certainty or conversely, portrayed the era of gnashing of teeth while being completely consumed by full-blown shock, frustration and acutely nerve-wrecking disappointment, when the Collaborating Political Parties’ (CPP) total failure pronounces the second term march for incumbent George M. Weah.

Digging very deep into the chromosome of the CPP, it is outrageous to say the least, stories simmering in the public glare about the unbending quests of the two most looked up to for the ticket of the CPP with no signal of one caving in to the other; equally so, there are two dimensional paths or pillars the picking of who heads the ticket will be done, and they are either by consensus or convention. By convention, delegates from the comprising parties will be represented by selected numbers of delegates to choose the person to head the CPP’s ticket if the method of consensus fails to win the day.

Considering the two competing individuals, each wanting to be the face of the CPP in the 2023 presidential election are also saddled with current uncertainty to pause while still on the road to consensus or convention epoch, and despite early open declaration by the most politically versed and experienced in the terrain of government and governance, Standard Bearer of the Unity Party (UP), Dr. Joseph N. Boakai to  head the ticket, and politically convinced that he is the only one who can make the incumbent a one term President or give him the,  N.T.R. (Never To Return) or the T.K.O. (Technical Knock Out), while  the Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, determined to capture the CPP’s ticket to become the face explaining that although he will absolutely submit to the  document signed to support whosoever wins the ticket of the CPP; according to him, it is for now naïve to ground arm and wait to be  chosen as running mate; meaning, he will continue to press ahead to the finished line, but in the interim, it is not over until it is over.

Almost vastly impressive segment of the entire population are yearning and craving on bended knees  to ensure that the incumbent does not get a second term and looking inside from outride, observers are very shaky and weary that the political vehicle (CPP) believes to be that engine and force to achieving that change, is presently pre-occupied inwardly operating  unilaterally, instead of being cohesive with a confirmed robust and organized united front, solidly prepared to take on the  incumbent head-on. However, and unfortunately, the expected cohesiveness, in the embodiment of oneness firmly united with a well specified direction and clearly defined objective of seeing the back of the incumbent, appears to be rapidly losing steam vehemently, thus fertilizing the soil, and radically lubricating the rusty and politically worn-out wheels of the incumbent, thereby laboring the hardest, and with much room to relax, indeed, an easy ride of the incumbent to the tower of second term at the expense of massive grief and profound sadness   deeply embedded in total regret and grim disappointment of the victims, (people) while all eyes are on 2023, is bound to be unthinkable.

Already, most pundits with deep-seated disturbance and dashed hope have become soothsayers why the CPP is throwing away six years of such politically glorious and golden opportunity all because of proud and personality contest; as some turned spiritually inclined and relate to the Moses and Joshua saga featuring the leading of the Israelis to the promised land from Egypt, adding that for mission to be accomplished., there must be a Joshua who being imbued with complete patience, in spite of the fantastic performances by Moses from  Egypt throughout the Red Sea through the Most High God, Joshua proudly, joyously and finally accomplished the mission by reaching the promised land with the Israelis with the same God leading him through successfully.

Again, in a desperate effort to keep the political actors of the CPP in line to harmoniously understand each other’s while deeply and vividly being mindful of the required sacrifices in accumulating the primary aim of the formation of the CPP; the crusading dangerous omen of division and mistrust at the highest echelon is rapidly tearing apart the fabrics of the Liberty Party (LP), with reported disgruntle writing on the wall which does not and will not augur well for the cohesiveness of the CPP that is obligated to one pillar-to make  the incumbent a one term President, is badly struggling against the campaigning scourge of clandestine internal wrangling propelled by  mistrust, betrayal and possible confidence crisis; obviously inimical for the consensus building process and the convention outfit.

Will power-greed; personality-clout; self-pride and no room for Joshua’s role in the political chemistry and dispensation ruin the people’s hope and aspiration reflective in the political posture of the appear-to-be-cracking CPP, if without an immediate inner calming of the raging storm; while the incumbent will be riding very high and wide on the irresistible victory carpet to continue his second term at the expense of the CPP; as the very CPP will march on  with the mournful song: “oh….what the weeping and wailing, as the lost were told of their fate…they prayed for the earth and the mountains…they prayed, but their prayers were too late”.

-Writes GDJ



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