June 8, 2022

Any intelligent mind that takes a walk down memory land would certainly know that the Unity Party has been underappreciated. I took a walk down memory lane last night and all I could do was to thank God that the CDC did not win  in 2005. The Liberia that the Unity Party inherited in 2006 would have further crumbled in the hands of the CDC.

When the Unity Party took power in 2006, it was faced with an extremely difficult task of not just reconciling, but also rebuilding and repositioning LIBERIA’S image on the global front.

When I say ‘REBUILDING,’ I am referring to both physical structures and the human resource of the country.

The Unity Party implemented and dedicated scores of projects , worked with warring factions to maintain the peace, Worked with International Monetary organizations and friendly nations for the cancellation of LIBERIA’S debts. Hospitals, schools,.roads and bridges are amongst some of the facilities constructed by the Unity Party in different parts of Liberia. Low Income Housing Facilities, Foreign Scholarship awarded to LIBERIANS, fees for WAEC students were paid. Thousands of LIBERIANS that could have been deported back home were pardoned by the US Government due to intervention by the Unity Party Government. A number of market buildings, government buildings were constructed whiles others were renovated. Buses and computers were donated to the University of Liberia as well as dedication of other facilities on the campus. The modern Fendell Campus of the UL, Jackson F. Doe Hospital in Tappita, the New Central Bank, Modern LRA building at the ELWA junction, Current Ministries of Health, Public Works and the Ministerial Complex are all Legacy of the Unity Party. Local and international capacity building was accorded to men and women of the AFL, LNP and other institutions of government. The Jallah Town Road, Sinkor and other major roads were done by the Unity Party. Power stations were rebuilt and current was restored in different communities.

The new Liberia we have today, can largely be credited to the Unity Party.

Unlike the CDC government that drastically reduced the salaries of the masses, the Unity Party took measures to steadily increase salaries of struggling civil servants.

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