Limping Weah’s Gov’t May Fall, If… -As Ellen’s Chickens Come Home To Weah’s Roost; APM Has Become The Lynching Path?

President George M. Weah’s unholy marriage to the flaw-infested Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration is now being chronically suffocated for failing to institute measures from the onset due to his upright refusal to listen to the people’s appeal to audit the entire regime, and critically review all concession agreements, if his government envisages sure footing

Unfortunately, with a mouthful of mounting tension currently stirring the ability to governor authoritatively, upon being heavily fed with the devil’s expensive meal and maximum support thereby electing to institute total delay to conduct a vigorous, robust and uncompromising audits of Ellen’s  government; knowing that delays are dangerous, indeed, Ellen chickens are coming back to Weah’s roost.

First in the long chain of obstacles to belch out the dangerous precedent whose origin is rooted in the more than 60 bogus concession agreements signed by Ellen- the darling of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC); is the APM Terminals fiasco that in complete violations of most cardinal labor laws and practices has inflamed the compound of the National Port Authority (NPA) and upset the interests of Port users, and while the fate of 20 APM terminals’ suspended workers hangs in limbo, despite the Labor Court’s intervention for the management to reinstate the suspended workers of which the APM has ignored, the compound (Port) has been the stage of brewing rift and  tension in motion in the embodiment of a strike action involving dock workers, port truckers and brokers .

This is the reward that a limping government accumulates after selling its soul to an administration totally unconcerned about honor and disgrace; as the Terminals remains so defiant that the so-called Pro-Poor headship has developed serious political and leadership megrim headache overnight; it is becoming glaring that APM Terminals is commanding more power than the very government, and people are now wondering where is the Terminals getting all its power from and what is it depending on to grab the regime so tightly by the throat?

Who is APM Terminals and how did it begin operation in Liberia? APM Terminals Liberia is a subsidiary of Danish Shipping giant Maersk A/S and tasked according to its concession agreement, with the responsibility of managing cargo or container handling for NPA, is the company that signed a concession agreement with the Liberian Government under Ellen’s leadership and not subjected to review until after 25 years.

When people cried bitterly on air about the lawmakers being the worst enemies of Liberia and the cradle of bad governance for some years; they could be very right. However, the same people are to be blamed the most for successfully fertilizing the continued political existence of people with no impeachable character, based on the manner and reasons they keep lavishing their precious votes for empty promises, handouts, the chanting and solidarity of credo out of blind loyalty, and not put a premium on their votes- be it for an extremely workable economy, reliable and dependable healthcare system, refined, qualitatively diversified education, job creation, decentralized infrastructural development. Just to hint a few, must preoccupied your scope of demands from those you may cast your votes for. And not just be driven by the wind.

So you can see why some companies act as though they are bigger, stronger and much more powerful than the country they operate in, all because of the bogus agreements signed by Ellen (with full note on reserved shares or well-parceled and secured kickbacks) and ratified by the National Legislature without conducting a rigid and robust due diligent with an independent mindset in the first place.

Imagine the Labor Court of the land requests the Management of APM Terminals to restate the 20 dismissed employees or risk arrest, and yet this did not even move them rather it’s like wasting water on duck’s back, and with the government specifically began engaging the Terminals to respect the laws and desist from alleged arbitrary activities, the company still stood its grounds of defiance.

Then out of shame and scorn, voices of total regret and frustration are now lashing out about APM Terminals undermining the authority of the Weah’s government which is uncalled for and must be contained sooner than later. As Ellen sits proudly in her comfort zone while the Pro-Poor administration catches real rough and tough time coupled with absolute hell from the spoils of his processor, who’s also a partner in unrevealed vow; a longtime friend of Weah and now Senator of Bomi County, Mr. Edwin Melvin Snowe sounded that if the Liberian Government did not take full control of the unfavorable and unfolding development obtaining at the APM Terminals, it could agitate the public‘s stir against the current administration and bring down the Weah’s government.

Sen. Snowe speaking in Plenary on Thursday, May 6, 2021 about APM Terminals’ disturbing conduct in its operation, registered his regret for voting for the passage of the APM Terminals Agreement while was a Representative; injecting that the upheaval that could bring down the government will could come from the business community that is taking the unbearable heat from Terminals.

Now, Weah knows, sees and feels that evil begot evil, and what the unholy matrimony with Ellen is causing his most criticized and limping government, and for reneging to conduct a comprehensive audits of the       previous government, is now so strong a bedfellow, he (Weah) is left in the cold to bite the bullet as Ellen, a considered ‘micro-super power’ in the Liberian political community is reiterating through quiet activities that superpower does not have permanent friends rather permanent interests, and dangerously for an unpopular, less respected. no longer in full control and charge of delivering the long awaited great change for hope or hope for change or whatsoever the political philosophy may be coupled with the most needed political goods and services to the wailing, yearning and badly starving people in their own land of so many mineral and natural resources including fertile soil enough rainfall and sunshine; to protect her and vested interests which include her family members and all the unaccountable camouflaged investments.

Does Weah know Ellen’s new political game plan? Will the present loud scream of foul play and a demand to the Legislature for an audit of Norway’s money (grant of US$6m as part of US$42m) to the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) provided in Ellen’s administration could be a tip of the iceberg of greater things to come? Is the repentance belated or motive-driven?

Those who failed to prepare, surely prepared to fail and with Ellen’s new found political sensation, Weah is being left in the deep frozen cold in which he does not have, the bold face, to take complete ownership of the long chain of  disaffections reflected in the APM Terminals as the 2023 elections is fast approaching, and inspite the questionable supersonic speed accorded the pre-campaign-charged nationwide tour,  already, time is enemy, and while desperately struggling financially to offset previous unfulfilled campaign promises, as new ones are being added in disguise; it might just be too late when Weah wakes up politically to settle the internal heavy hearts of so many disappointed people and mend the ruin and broken fences.

Similarly, the president of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA), Cllr. Tiawon S. Gongloe did not miss his words in his address to members of the legal profession recently while celebrating

Liberia Law Day in Liberia, that Liberia is a paradise for thieves in public sector, and blamed Ellen and Weah for no action against corrupt government officials in Liberia due to according to them (Ellen and Weah), the closeness of Liberians as an excuse for their very little or no action against government officials and employees, as well as management executives and employees of public corporations.

Moreover, Cllr. Gongloe, also noted that Liberia has become a paradise for thieves in the public sector to the extent that those thieves openly enjoy and exercise freedom of theft.

-Writes GDJ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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