Licking ‘Oozing Wound’ Of Sham & Dejection -Tale Of CDC’s Political Nose-Dive Syndrome

Never forget that the height by which great men reached and kept was not obtained by sudden flight, but while the unfocused elements were out merry-making, farsighted and very determined folks were at work burning the night candles to enable them achieve the beauty of wonders and greatness that tomorrow has to offer. By the same token, those who failed to prepare, obviously are prepared to fail, so is the bruised and badly lacerated and faceless political plight of the once mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) now scavenging like crazy for  votes that once walked to it free of charge without thinking of such.

What the politically drowning CDC in deep sea of people’s misery, disgust and acute disappointment did not realize or perhaps to say the least is, where an individual is coming from, is not as important as where he or she is going; and on the sojourn, there are more trials, temptations, obstacles and tribulations that may or could confront such character, and the best roadmap is know yourself and prove your worthiness by being a person of your word and practice what you preach as your sole identity.

Today, it is politically saddened that after one tactical defeat in what the mighty CDC previously proclaimed to be its perpetual stronghold and declared a no-go-zone for any votes seeker, did not suggest to it as a litmus test or a warning shot of greater things to come when one becomes recklessly complacent and deeply obsessed with the toxin of power at the peril of massive political erosion of acquired fame, popularity and widely acclaimed power obtained. So funny how power in bed with popularity flies away especially when most needed.

Amidst licking the oozing wound of sham and dejection which gravely projects the true political tale of CDC’s constant nose-dive-governance- syndrome engraved on the image of the kind of leadership offered, has pressured it to jump on the bandwagon to now do the very things it vehemently opposed while in and being very rough and tough in opposition community- sad to see same that after one skinny defeat, in its professed self-declared turf, you are now forcing snow to fall in hell.

To begin with it is unbelievable, unconceivable, but viciously vexing to the spirit of the mighty CDC whose major problem was busy shying away from surplus of volunteered votes while others were sinking deeply from votes-famine and trading rice and cash to attract votes on the pale bandwagon operated by the old guards and somehow failed politicians, has now turned out to be its (CDC’s) most powerful trump card; with simmering news that civil servants who do not cast their  votes for CDC’s candidates allegedly risked losing their jobs, is also an old grotesquely  criticized and uprightly condemned anti-democratic agent that although applied by failed past politicians, it clearly spells as an affront to the tenets of democracy and a dreadful recipe for chaos and sad day for the nation.

From the strike of any imagination, the mighty CDC is sliding too quick and fast on a very slippery route, and having pre-visioned a terrible outcome in the December 8, 2020 senatorial election, being also cognizant that the man who pulled the rug from under them in the so-called stronghold is still around, ever determined to trade bloody nose to any archrival after turning on the light in the senate of which people are now looking inside from outside, and considering the overzealous egos lined up from the mighty CDC to capture and bring back home the once lost  Montserrado-County-trophy; and as one of its staunchest members (Ms. Jamima Wolokolie)  vowed to contest for similar position as an independent candidate to be followed by a long list of others including confidante, one can see a  crowded  determined factors to snatch away the almighty Montserrado-County-trophy.

The irony is simple; if that dilapidated strategy is unleashed the cohesiveness of the mighty CDC will be too over-stretched to a broken point thereby, instead of accumulating compacted votes directly for one face of CDC in the Montserrado fray, so true indeed, the little chunk expected will be heavily fragmented thus posing some degree of dropping altitude very rapidly…a signal of bleak tidings. Yes, and yes indeed, gone are the days when the political leader of the mighty CDC went around raising the hands of candidates of his choice and the now mind-wounded and disappointed people would gravitate to same. However, the writing on the wall clearly shows that same is a faded history of which anyone desirous of contesting and if possible winning, must abandoned immediately without second thought. Once again, we’ll see the tallest chickens in the town after the rain of December 8, 2020.            

-Writes GDJ

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