Liberia’s Security Safety In The Bubble -While It Troubles United States; She Sees Clock Tickling Toward Election Violence; Issues Red Alert To Citizens

It is logically expedient to carefully be mindful of the maxim that what an experienced old person can see from very far away just from where he or she sits, cannot be seen by a little lad who is posted at the peak of Mount Everest.

So true, let us not be fooled into thinking that security-wise, all is very fine and remains a smooth atmosphere of  a sumptuous dinner party for all featuring the most tasteful and delicious cosines coupled with the best bread  and butter the appetite  could ever crave.

But as people of the wise council openly propound that even diamonds Are not forever, so are the human eyes, despite all what they see from far and near, their glaring weak point is that they cannot see themselves except being reflected from the mirror or being told by someone else who sees the shape, form or condition of the latter.

Unfortunately, this nation (Liberia), has been saddened in eight days with the deaths of four of its illustrious and highly professional sons and daughter in a peculiar manner and form in which the security is working on the could-be probably cause and effect of the display of such gruesome and barbaric notoriety; which has not only scare the daylight of the ordinary citizens with no asset to personal security, let alone bodyguard; and by extension, with the already tension-brewing impending December 8, 2020 senatorial by-election being reflective of violence; one nation that has seen afar the danger of a creeping  election violence which has already started showing its nefarious head above sea level as evident of recent unfolding development; the United States of America And its Government.

Without hesitation or dancing around a packaged diplomacy, the United States Government, being aware of the consequences imposed on a nation and people as a result of election violence has swiftly issued a Red Alert styled: Level 3: This alert urges those concerned to reconsider travel to Liberia due to COVID-19 and must exercise increased caution due to upcoming elections and crime.

The US Travel Advisory Alert notes that while Liberia has resumed airport operations. Business operations have also resumed as have schools for grades six through twelve; it specifically pointed out that elections are scheduled for December 8, 2020 and during the election season frequent demonstrations and rallies, both planned and spontaneous, are likely, and there is a heightened risk of violence.

According to the alert, violent crime, such as armed robbery, is common, particularly in urban areas and on public beaches. Local police lack the resources to respond effectively to serious crimes.

The U.S. Government is unable to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens outside greater Monrovia at night as U.S. Government employees are prohibited from traveling outside the capital or between counties after dark (with the exception of travel to and from Roberts International Airport).

However, with the mounting security and safety crunch lumbering the country, pundits are anxiously wondering how prepared is the Liberian Government to weather the storm with the December 8, 2020 loaded with its full share of deep-seated and over-heated campaign trials coupled with political tribulations including attempting temptations along the way, considering its (government’s) heavily-rooted interest in the race not only to contest, but firmly convinced to win seats with emphasis on the once captured Montserrado Senatorial seat they up to now, disturbingly lost to the opposition  bloc.

Pundits also added that with the wave of fear and profound apprehension looming over the country amidst the trading of allegations between dead relatives and some government officials bordered on trust and confidence; and who could be saying the truth void of cover-up or unproven implication; Liberia’s security and safety is in the bubble and it troubles the United States for reasons we  as a people are not seeing for now, whiles the clock tickles toward the December 8, 2020 election and its possible attended violent rage.

Meanwhile, the US Government published a report recently through the State Department concerning election violent in Africa and the very active role as a superpower and the custodian of democracy it has concluded to play for or against election violent elements in countries that subscribed to the tenets of democracy.

The report intoned that despite the stern warning embedded in it from the U.S. State Department with specified actions to be meted out against those who will interfere in the democratic (election) process through violence, repression and intimidation;  Liberians who will also be going to the polls in December 8 to elect 15 of 30 senators; already, violence and intimidation as well as electoral manipulations have begun to gradually creep in the electoral process as opposition figures are becoming weary of what they are terming as “State sponsored violence” directed at them, while the National Elections Commission (NEC) is being accused of engaging in fraudulent activities especially in regard to the voter roll update.

The US Secretary of State, Mr. Mike Pompeo in the report pledged his government’s commitment to supporting free, fair, inclusive elections on the African continent.

Secretary of State Pompeo said that the conduct of elections is important not only for Africans, but also for defenders of democracy around the world. “We believe all sides should participate peacefully in the democratic process. Repression and intimidation have no place in democracies,” he noted.

With these moves, which appear more proactive, the US government is resolved to no longer be passive in administering oversight responsibilities as the world super power, and now seem more proactive in safeguarding democratic values and tenets across the world, especially in parts of the world that adhere or practices the democratic form of government, Pompeo pointed out.

“The right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression and association are at the heart of a functioning democracy,” the US top Diplomat stated, adding that adherence to these democratic norms and the rule of law allows all citizens to engage in political dialogue and support their choice of candidates, parties, and platforms.

He continues, “we will watch closely the actions of individuals who interfere in the democratic process and will not hesitate to consider consequences — including visa restrictions — for those responsible for election-related violence. As long-time partners to the nations of Africa, we care about the region’s democratic trajectory and are committed to working constructively with international and regional partners”.

-Writes GDJ

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