Liberia’s Backwardness Exposed – Cummings X-Rays; Says Weah “Carelessly And Selfishly Abandoned Liberians And Liberia.”

“Where it was bad, they have succeeded to make worse, and where it was good, they have effectively destroyed. They have reversed the gains our country struggled to make, and for which we were recently considered a good example of a developing post-conflict nation,” Mr. Alexander B. Cummings of Alternative National Congress (ANC)

Addressing partisans at the headquarters of the Alternative National Congress in Monrovia on Wednesday, August 5, 2020,  Cummings political leader of ANC and also Chairman of the Collaboration Political Parties (CPP) in reference to the ruling establishment- Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) noted that the Weah-led administration has taken similar paths like past leaders and has “carelessly and selfishly abandoned Liberians, and Liberia.”

Cummings x-raying Liberia’s backwardness as an independent Republic observes that  at “173 years later, rather than being independent, we are increasingly dependent on other nations for the most basic things, including to feed ourselves, and to pay the meagre, and now harmonized salaries of civil servants. How can anyone really celebrate when we have managed ourselves so poorly? Why should anyone celebrate seeing that the hope we once inspired is now fading, the lone shining star is dimmed, and the dream is becoming a nightmare”?

According to him,“173 years later, our country ranks amongst the poorest and most corrupt in the world. By every socio-economic and development indicator, many of the countries whose independence we helped to inspire, or which experienced conflicts like we did, have left us behind”, adding, “while these countries are speeding up ahead with their developments, shamelessly our leaders are continuing to show more interests in doing the wrong things for short-term personal gains rather than doing the right things for long term national benefits”

Speaking further, Cummings noted that “173 years later, where we should be an example of a thriving democracy, politically stable and economically prosperous, our government is still holding out its hands begging for crumbs, celebrating mediocrity, and bashing in incompetence. Where the leadership of our nation should unite, it divides. Where it should see, it is blind. Where it should take responsibility, it is irresponsible. Where its perspective should be national, it settles for the personal. And where it should care, it caresless.

Again, the ANC’s political leader maintained that 173 years later, the quality of education offered to our children and the healthcare we provide to our people are unacceptably poor. Our budgetary investments in basic social services such as education and health undercut our need for human capacity development.

He explains that our children, the future of our nation, are failing and falling behind other children in the region, and the world. Pregnant women, especially in rural communities, are without easy access to the medical help they need as maternal and infant mortality are increasing unconscionably, including in urban areas.”

Realizing Liberia’s backwardness based on his brief tour that took him to some parts of the country including Margibi, Grand Bassa, Rivercess, Sinoe  Grand Kru, Maryland, Rivergee, Grand Gedeh, Nimba and Bong Counties for the celebration of Liberia’s 173rd Independence, noted that indeed the citizens had absolutely nothing to celebrate.

Sounding a caveat to the ruling establishment about the young population which this nation depends on so heartily, Cummings reminded the latter that “in the CPP, we are worried about our young people, and deeply concerned about the future of our country. Thanks to the lack of leadership of Mr. Weah, our young people, who are the future of our country, are being wrongly impressed that education is not important; that without taking personal responsibility and making sacrifices for a greater cause, somehow their circumstances, and the conditions of our country, will miraculously improve.”

-Writes GDJ

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