Liberia Is Sinking -Declares Cummings

It will be totally insane and viciously foolhardy for anyone, including even the sound-minded regime collaborators to think, let alone believe that the current leadership is up to the task, and is progressively driving the country in a respectable, credible, fruitful and praiseworthy direction of honesty and sincerity in the name of patriotism and nationalism, political observers lashed out.

Shortly after the nationwide address to its partisans, the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings who is the present Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), some political observers in a briefly survey told PARROT on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 that the country is sadly stuck in very poor leadership turmoil which makes it impossible to confess and repent for the tons of glaring wrong decisions, constitutional violations and practices inflicted on the people and state under his political watch.

According to them, while it is globally known that President George M. Weah is on record and widely acclaimed for truly being a unique history maker, they without an iota of doubt, share in the political history making by making him (Weah)  to be a one-term president as proclaimed by the opposition.

Meanwhile, in his nationwide address on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, Mr. Cummings squarely pointed out that “our ship (Liberia) is sinking, too many of our people are suffering, we think this is wicked and threatened the long peace of our security.”

Critically observing the significance and impact of President Weah and his leadership’s credo, ANC’s political leader Cummings said the Pro- Poor Agenda which the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) solely wielded to, is now making Liberians poorer, why those in government are enriching themselves.

He emphasizes that while the CPP is deeply troubled by what is politically obtaining in Liberia, that is why they have deemed it most expedient to combine their forces into a unit, to change the narrative in Liberia positively thereby unseating the Weah government in a democratic election to come; wherein, “we will make him one-term President,” another unique history he would not hesitate to make.

He said the Weah-led government is “so wicked” and has drastically reduced the health and education budget, and has also failed our country and people; that is while the CPP is zealous to build up our country because any thoughtful and determined government, will strive to, if not purge the velocity, or else indeed, minimize the scope of corruption by instituting stringent punitive actions which this governor is too irresponsible to even care.

Allegedly holding the feet of Weah’s government over the fire for breaking down the integrity institutions by defunding them, such as the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), Public Procurement Concessions Commission (PPCC) just to name a few; and appointing unqualified people in top positions; the ANC political leader maintains that the CPP believes that the country cannot continue in backwardness, greed and corruption; reiterating that “the root cause of poverty is corruption.”

-Writes GDJ


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