Liberia Is Collapsing Pitifully -Does Government Have Clean Hands? Can It Cast The First Ston e? Indeed, We’re In Big Trouble


Prioritization of the people does not appeal at all in the national equation as some pundits now allegedly referred to the First Branch of Government as the extension of the Executive Branch persistently allowing itself to cave in to every echo from the Executive, while in return, erased form their active agenda of operations, the vital interests of the people who in the first place elected them to that august body to seek and do the legal and rightful things that will bring  maximum satisfactions and pride to them exclusively with emphasis on growth and development of their livelihoods and the state collectively.

Notwithstanding,, apart from seeking their own vested interest under the canopy of utilizing the so-called legally apportioned money (US$30k) for each lawmakers through a tactical cover of budgetary appropriation to give it legal flavor as an outreach  exercise dubbed legislative engagement, of which some of them have different motives to spend the money on; again, the people’s quest factiously used as justification for receiving the US$30k each, most especially in such a time in the country when the COVID pandemic is dreadfully tormenting the very people; and despite the wailing and crying from the people to divert the amount to the COVID fight by buying some most needed medical supplies and equipment for the struggling challenged health centers nationwide, pathetically, the wailing and crying all landed on deaf ear as for the recipients , the beat goes on as business as usual.

With the elections’ ripple already breaking though the spines of politicians at so early a time, you the people should make no mistake because without you, they are politically doomed; if you don’t vote for them, they are bound to become the ‘Step-Aside elements; also keep firmly in mind that these are the people who ought to honestly answer why Liberia is collapsing pitifully; does government have or ever had clean hands? Can it cast the first stone? Indeed, we’re in big trouble.

These politico-gamblers surely are aware that the time is gradually ushering in when the hand pumps providers will be practically visible; when the pit-latrines builders will be right in the towns, villages, and by large, the counties, yes, they’ll be there and as strange as they’d appear to be, for sure they will show up there; the bags of rice with few dollars  donors; the hiccup-prone scholarship givers will  certainly be in the queue  including the  I’ll-do-this- and-that crusaders not leaving out the huge promises makers all set to sing from the same hymn sheet with the never-changed-colonial lyrics: vote for me and I will set you free from this-and-that. Beware, they are coming again, and coming much sooner than later.

Let the current self-seekers’ radically charged, and robust pending political lesson in store to confront them based on their performances, should serve as an eye opener for the succeeding generation and they must be there to witness the political demise and burial of their (the booted outs) political excess baggage which is tantamount (according to the alleged amazing story told around here) to a hound back man being opportune to see the burial ceremony of another hound back person, indeed, he will whether true or false, know the last treatment accorded the latter.

-Writes GDJ


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