Liberia Fell Asleep The Day German Monkey Stepped Out & French Baboon Stepped In

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

After a decade and half of the political interregnum which disrupted the normal functioning of the state and jeopardized the security of the people, Liberia was once again for almost fifteen years placed on the path of tranquillity with increased efforts and commitment to strengthening our embryonic democracy, especially during the 12 years reign of German monkey. We may all disagree that with all the international goodwill plus the sale of our mineral resources to foreign investors, we didn’t attain the economic peak we collectively imagined then but even in our shared disagreement, we can’t disagree on the settled-truth that under the leadership of German monkey, she laid the unshakable foundation for democratic governance and the rule of law to thrive.

It is instructive to note also that amid some difficult challenges the nation and people suffered then, the lives of our people were much better yesterday than now. Our parents then could still afford to put their kids in school than current. Papa then could go home with plastic bag no matter the size after work. Our mothers and sisters who were petit trading as a means of daily survival could thrive. University students, who then desired to learn in order to make a productive workforce to contribute to Liberia’s progress with all the challenges, went to school with their eyes closed believing that upon graduating from college, Liberia could guarantee them a better sense of the future where their potentials and skills would be horned and properly sharpened.

Also true, under the leadership of the German monkey, professionals were neither troubled nor perturbed that the qualified criterion to serve one’s country and remains in one’s job was to be a card-carrying member of the ruling party. For professionals then, they harboured no meaning of what it takes to be a partisan other than what it takes to be a Liberian. The country’s auditors then never lived in wonton fear that a call to help one’s country in ending the cancer of corruption in public service would ultimately lead to their untimely demise.

Pathetically appalling, the Liberian nation went asleep immediately following the exit of the German monkey when the baton of leadership was passed over to the French baboon. The citizens from the south to the east and from the central-north to the west coast of Liberia are weeping! The providence of the citizens in the French baboon to deliver on his promises of peace, tranquillity, education, health, job creation, reconciliation and social cohesion has been lost to the extravagant pursuit of wealth by baboon and his cronies. There is more despair, more anguish, more sufferings and misery and more mysterious deaths of auditors and citizens alike.

Liberia’s trailblazing light is dimed! The hopes and aspirations of the people who once gravitated to the melodious lyrics contained in one of the baboon’s campaign songs notoriously titled, “Corrupt monkey come down”, with the growing belief that baboon could take care of them have now dust away. From the top of Ducor to the city of Greenville, I can see the marauding flames of hopelessness and despair, anarchy and lawlessness tragically misdirecting the hopes of the people. Yes, I can see more Liberians seem frustrated to be called a Liberian.


As Liberia went asleep under the reign of a baboon, Liberians are more than ever before entrapped in unbearable hardship, deprivation, misfortune, excruciating poverty and despair. For youth and students, I cannot make this point simpler than the simplest that their future is bleaker than bleak as a result of the deteriorating state of governance. But also appalling even though not suppressing, is the intoxication of power by a baboon and his marauding criminals occasioned by a wave of horrendous deaths of auditors and Liberian citizens. Children are getting missing and their body parts extracted for ritual purposes by men who want to keep their grip on power. The security of the people is no longer guaranteed by a baboon and his officials as citizens dying through state-engineered killings and thuggery.


Additionally, the lives of political critics of the leadership of baboon have been viciously pursued to the point that they are forced into exile for the safety of their lives. Notwithstanding, it is disturbing for the leadership of the country to play deaf ears and act as though they are impervious to what has caused this nation to go through almost 15 years of carnage and destruction. Indeed, we cannot change our past but we can be wiser if we learn not to repeat it. It is no joke that the zenith of insanity is to still follow the same path of doing things and expecting different destination. We must learn as a nation how we can tolerate alternative views on the development and growth of our democracy. A psychoanalyst eloquently made this point clearer, “Where all think alike no one thinks at all.” And certainly, if we embrace public criticisms of our activities in public service, we then lend our support to the deepening of our democracy. But if we start viciously pursuing people for expressing views contrary to ours, we lay bare the condition precedent for us to return our country to another round of war.

Having made that point clearer, let now proceed to call out the callous and brazen misrule in our country that have caused Liberia to fall asleep and as well as citizens to be weeping. For 12 years, Liberia was made to believe that German monkey was corrupt and a better Liberia under the leadership of French baboon was assured. Among the list of promises made by French baboon was the provision of a million jobs every year for our struggling poor. In the campaign of French baboon for German monkey to come down, was to ensure that public resources don’t end up in the pockets of a privileged few. But despicably derogatory, French baboon and his toddler officials are shrouded in the biggest fraud, corruption, theft, graft and thievery than German monkey and her officials. There is a gargantuan accumulation of unexplained wealth by French baboon Liberia never saw German monkey owning.

Dreadfully, the Liberian nation under French baboon and his cohorts witnessed the biggest fraud and loot of state coffers. 16 billion, coupled with the recently printed 4 billion Liberian banknotes and the 25 million United States dollars intended to mop up excess liquidity of Liberian dollars from the market went missing and unaccounted for. Additionally, over 32 million United States dollars plus over 2 billion Liberian dollars collected in revenues by the Liberia Revenue Authority went stolen and could not be seen in the country’s consolidated account at the Central Bank.

Truth be told also, balloons carry despicable personality traits of corruption than monkey do. Baboons are omnivore and monkeys are not. They prey on other animals. Baboons are belonging to the class mammal and kingdom Animalia which carry the traits and prototypes of greed, selfishness, short-sightedness, opportunistic, hate, anaesthetize, sedate, vindictiveness, egotism, loathe and conceitedness. No wonder while our nation is in crisis!

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