Liberia: An Inbuilt ‘Narco’ Country

Thursday, July 7, 2022

In the demented utopian society over-run by massive trade and unbelievable consumption of illicit and toxic substances dumped in the land, is now successfully fattening the nation for the slaughter in a misguided bleeding democracy that has transformed the country (Liberia) into an inbuilt “NARCO” state in a complete free-fall mode.

Frustratingly, the entire country is profoundly being captured by the multiplicity and proliferations of variety of generations of dream-killers; futuristic destructionists; endless propagation  of chronic national scourge dubbed: mental health;  despite classifying victims of ongoing catastrophic or mentally deranged as Zogoes, currently drug wrecked societal obstacle, absolute grave and grim threat to national peace, security and stability, thereby setting the mountains in the country on a blazing unquenchable fire determined without second thought, to roast the cells, fry the heart, lungs and soul of this drugs overwhelmed nation with tons of scattered ghettos nationwide, and inspired courage, heartlessly set to shoot down the hopes and aspirations of the people and state, as the suspicious-embattled government keeps acting like fanning off the utilized disaster, while looking the other way intentionally.

Cast The First Stone

   A nation, now grossly partitioned on the acidic rail of democracy once governed and protected legislations strongly nurtured with people-centeredness, and imbued with guided no-nonsense principles of respect for human rights by extension, with emphasis on their very cardinal health postures in its entirety, firm enough to withstand and absorb the vibration of the odds and by-products of anti-growth and development, progress and civility wherein, the drugs culture including other societal woes will no longer be at ease, even  if tide rises and tide falls. But in an advancing “NARCO” state like Liberia, from top to bottom, who can pass through the needle’s eye by casting the first stone of innocence and anti-tolerance in purging the rapidly escalating drug culture; besides few scattered elements in society who have been wailing desperately in every corridor of influence down to the wilderness of vicious mind-set and fertilizer for the protective boom  of the spread of the mentally unbalanced  rising population born out the menace of counter-productiveness to the people, state and futuristic elevation and supreme achievements that would only propel the sophisticated kudos of the nation’s development agenda capacitated to fully and professionally address the drug fiasco and set the governance system of the government on even keel.


Gov’t Needs US$13.9m

The Liberian Government n the interim has formulated a US$13.9 million plans through the Ministry of Youth and Sports and other line Ministries and Agencies to transform what they crafted as at-risks youth, commonly known as Zogos.

Zeogar Wilson, Minister of Youth and Sports said the government will need US$13.9 million to address the issue of the at-risk youth within Montserrado County. Minister Wilson said the government and its development partners are taking the issue of the at-risk youth as a sector and not as a project.

According to him, the Ministry will have to renovate the youth center and build other facilities in Youth Camp located in rural Montserrado County. He told  the media  that  the fund raiser committee  is working with  its partners  to raise  the needed money  to take  those at-risk youth from  the streets  and transform  them into a productive citizens  through  the training program.

He named the Ministries of Gender and Children Protection, Health, Justice, Finance Development Planning, Youth and Sports, the Liberia Refugee Repatriation and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC) as line Ministries and Agencies to lead the steering committee.

Wilson furthered that the process to take those disadvantaged youth to the center will start once the facility is completed and the needed funding generated, adding that they will have a plan on how to get them enrolled into the program. He said they will work with some of their friends   who have already been transformed and are moving on well with lives in their respective communities   and families. But what the Minister with his government is failing to thoroughly comprehend is that while just walking away from the drug culture is loaded with countless temptations that must involve sizeable attentions of the psychologists and psychiatrists who will, and must be devoted to genuine transformation of the victims who could be quitting an addicted habit rooted in hardcore drugs such as ‘HOT SNOW’ (cocaine) and LSD as the batch of variety of a long chain of dangerous generation of nerve wrecking substances are cruising in.

Moreover, some pundits with harbored suspicious minds indicated that although the fate of the Zoegoes is pathetically grim to the security of the country and people on one hand, their survivability out of complete transformative will largely rest on the shoulders of the leadership and the rest of the citizenry will mean well for the victims; and for those planted at the high, higher and highest echelons of wealth, power, fame authorities, influence and undeterred connections and massive abusers of the drugs when the victims can see them clearly conducting themselves in such manner and fashion will only serve as potential fertilizers-a game they will always hate to lose. In the same vein, observers noted that their anticipation should be proven very wrong that with transparency and accountability being a cancerous virus for this government to keep vry far away from; the entire scheme must be used as the regime’s petit cash box while the Zogoes could be used in the final analysis, as mere guinea pigs to breed hard cold cash, as 2023 general and presidential elections gradual seep in and considering what fantastic breakthrough cash did do in the just-ended Lofa’s senatorial by-election which without any hesitation must be replicated every inch along the way to and throughout the political crusade o 2023; this, according to them (observers) is their major concern.

However, he (Wilson) said government and partners’ vision to transform those at-risk youth is good, but the legislature needs to ensure that both houses concur on the drugs law. The drugs law, despite the wailing from far and near, and in spite the public outcry for its passage and enactment into law, it for now still remains in the legislative intensive care unit awaiting concurrence.

According to him, it will be fair to apprehend through the laws those who are trafficking drugs in the country, substances that are negatively affecting the young people. He said, those youth who are negatively affected by the action from those drugs smugglers have been treated unfairly by the public, because of their conditions. The Minister of Youth and Sports further indicated that those who are responsible for the at-risk youth in such a condition are moving freely without being bullied.  He said, the Ministry of Youth and Sports is working with the Senate Committee on Youth and Sports to ensure that the House of Representatives concurs on the drug law that was passed by the Liberian Senate

                Gov’t Incapable To Combat Drugs?

       A story from Gbarnga, Bong County also noted that the newly assigned Commander of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) in Bong County is admonishing citizens of the County to cooperate with the entity in diminishing illicit drug traffickers in the County.

The Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) is a semi-autonomous agency under the supervisory authority of the Ministry of Justice, responsible for effective and efficient enforcement of laws about controlled drugs, substances, and precursors, including essential chemicals. LDEA plays a drug-crime-focused role in national law enforcement. The Agency implements measures to protect the territorial borders of Liberia from the importation and exportation of drugs and controlled substances.

The story written by Patrick Stephen Tokpah said, in an interview with journalists at the LDEA local office in Gbarnga, Bong County April 11, 2022, Commander Thomas Saye pointed out that the LDEA is most proactive and the leading Drug Law Enforcement Agency through the provision of effective and efficient services to Liberians by cutting off the supply of illicit drugs, reducing demand for illicit drugs and other substances of abuse, tracing and recovering drug-related proceeds and contributing to the creation and maintenance of an enviable image of Liberia throughout the world. He said, the mandate of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency is to disrupt, dismantle, and eliminate all threats posed to the Republic of Liberia by illicit drug trafficking and abuse.

But till date, they cannot succeed in the fight of eliminating drugs in Liberia if citizens are not willing to cooperate with the agency. “The reason we are calling for the citizen’s cooperation is that they live in the Community where these illicit drug traffickers are, and we want them to feed us with information, because drugs is damaging the younger generation of our Country,” Commander Saye revealed.

Even though the Bong County LDEA Commander is calling for citizens’ cooperation with the entity, he at the same time revealed that he will deploy his manpower at its disposal for a complete purge of illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances; suppression of demand for illicit drugs and other substances of abuse in the County. “We as LDEA officers’ are under the obligation to protect, enhance and maintain the image of Liberia and Liberians in the diaspora against drugs,” he noted.

Meanwhile, a group of retired security personnel) asked not to be named) told the PARROT ONLINE that the war on drugs in the Liberian Society has become a very lucrative venture with financially potent drugs barons outside the country are strongly networking with their operatives, who in return, have secured their home-based influential protectors at all levels; and make no mistake, the drugs market, despite the so-called fight against it;  and with all the security high tech the United States contains including its high sophistication in tracking down he movement and trafficking, it (drug market) really has the biggest crusading money that a weak and gullible society like Liberia will find it difficult to easily resist, and with the Code of Conduct dashed in the thrash can which could be used to track public officials’ accumulation of wealth while serving in the public space through asset declaration  along the required the lines of obligations as enshrined in the Code ‘ the government is under able to successfully combat the drugs market Reason. With transparency and accountability not playing a cardinal role in the governance system of the government rather slammed in the tinted-iron-cage closet, the whole frontline remains very susceptible considering the big volume of loose floating money in dire need of protective shield.

-Writes GDJ


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