Let’s Right The Wrong On December 8th, 2020 By Voting Right

In 1968, Comrade Fidel Castro gazed into the face of Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani of the City of Havana and courageously uttered these words in a bold and resounding tone: “I would not vote for the mayor. It’s not just because he didn’t invite me to dinner, but because on my way into town from the airport there were such enormous potholes.”

In effect, the subliminal yet unambiguous message in Fidel’s postulation to the do-nothing mayor is that we should never reward failing, dysfunctional, derelict, ineffective, inefficient, and dismally performing public officials at the ballot box on Election Day. We should categorically reject and rebuke them at the ballot box. To elect or reelect failing and irresponsible political leaders ultimately amounts to aiding and abetting the failure and barrenness of society and by extension, the socio-economic stagnation of ourselves as a people. As Liberians go to the polls on December 8th, 2020 to elect 15 fresh senators, may we draw from the lesson taught herein by Fidel Castro by rejecting all the CDC candidates floated in the impending senatorial elections.

Amid rampant corruption, streams of deadly scandals, mysterious and horrifying killings, human rights abuse, bruising economic hardship coupled with the suffocating exchange rate dilemma, and the phantom of brazen misrule, Liberians must furiously reject all the CDC candidates at the ballot box. At least, they have been tried and tested, and all we see under the rule of Mr. George Weah is a weary and fast declining country wallowing in rivers of excesses and faux pas. A nation relapsing into the spell of debauchery with rapidity under a clueless, don’t care, and insensitive president. Political commentators have posited that it would be utterly foolhardy and sheer mockery of ourselves to give additional political power to a political party or a government that is cruelly depriving, demeaning, and pauperizing us (the people), and subjecting our homeland to chronic misrule and exponential disgrace. Disgusting and savagery, to say the least. We must never give ‘White Roses’ to leaders who utterly failed us, we should reject them with immense fury.

Finally, may I say our fate is in our own hands. We have yet another opportunity on December 8th, 2020 to muster the courage to rewrite and right our frivolous and despicable electoral history by voting ennoble sons and daughters of our homeland and rejecting the CDC candidates who are elements of misrule and infamy. We must vote wisely to have the quality of people who would work towards shaping governance to work for all, not few. On December 8th, we much choose hope over doom, humanity over evil, decency over depravity, inclusiveness, and unity over bigotry, transparency and accountability over rampant corruption, good governance over utter misrule, competence one incompetence, and peace over war. If we want an effective, efficient, and progressive Liberian Senate and not the compromised, unscrupulous, worthless, and bootlicking Senate we currently have, we must vote the right people there but if we desire the reverse, the option is ours to choose the wrong people who are the candidates of the CDC and whose campaigns are being bankrolled at the expense of the strained national coffers. The world is keenly watching us again! And may I say more?

It is not Uhuru yet!

Writes Moncio

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