Let’s Get Dillon Reelected…

By Moncio Robert Kpadeh 

Like him or not, support him or not, truth be told, Senator Abe Darius Dillon heroically ‘rocked the boat’ in the Liberian Senate and by extension the corrosively corrupt Legislature. With will and courage, fire and fury, he disrupted and exposed the age-old debauchery in the Legislature. It remains an incontestable fact that all the things that the Liberian people know today about the Legislature to include; internal workings, salaries, benefits, and other crooked funds collected by Senators and Representatives are credited to Dillon’s defiant and uncompromising disclosure of things that have been callously done under the cover of darkness for decades. No one else can be credited and lauded for such an incredible feat but Abe Dillon, the BENEVOLENCE DISRUPTOR.

Interestingly, however, we see some who appear to be gone knots and paranoid desperately publishing questionable checks on Facebook and thus detesting Dillon’s transparency record. What marvels me is that fact that they are members of the very Legislature and have been there barbarously participating in the shady, sleazy, and unscrupulous dealings that have been obtaining at that institution, and without any sense of remorse, have continuously connived and colluded with the rogue Executive to loot and plunder public funds thereby subjecting the weary masses into deeper socio-economic misery. Extreme poverty and blistering starvation have been the dire conditions of the Liberian people and these people have said and done absolutely nothing to address the plight of the people. How do they muster the courage now to cast aspersions on Dillon remains an utter mystery. This is a pure exhibition of naked deception and brazen mischief. The plain truth is that these buzzards and bamboozlers want Dillon out only because he is shining the light on the bloody shenanigans and mischief taking place in the legislature. A Hilarious Nonsense that must never be permitted to happen on the faithful morning of December 8th, 2020. I encourage the resilient and gracious people of Montserrado County to turn out en mass and overwhelmingly reelect ADD on December 8th.

Like all of us (human beings), ADD has his faults and has never claimed to be a Saint or a vessel of perfection nonetheless he must be celebrated and revered for audaciously and bravely breaking away from the perennial spell of chronic corruption and nefarious tendencies which have plagued the Liberian legislature for decades if not century. Sadly, these anomalies continue to bedevil the Legislature, the First Branch of the Liberian governing structure. Disconcerting. Despicable. Egregious. Condescending.

It is downright preposterous and counterproductive to viciously resist and seek to politically subvert such a man with so much desperation and fury only because he exposes the brazen decadence of our system and bulwarks transparency, accountability, and good governance. It is a morally reprehensible and absolute absurdity to blemish or splash mud on the reputation of a man who emphasizes compliance to all the values of good governance and ethical compass within the governance of the state.

It is utterly foolhardy and parochial to maliciously go after a fine gentleman only because he screams at rampant injustice and the woeful deprivation, pauperization, and dehumanization of the struggling Liberian people. It is unfathomable how some are furious with Dillon only because he tells George Weah and his hawkish and roguish bunch let’s emphasize and focus on the wretched poor Liberian people by ensuring social-economic empowerment through which we can ensure peace and tranquility and yea the political stability of the state. Let’s apply the resources of the nation toward improving the standards of education and healthcare for our people. Let’s show respect for the law by depoliticizing the judiciary and let’s allow the law to take its course no matter who is concerned and what is at stake. Let’s allow transparency institutions to perform their statutory duties void of intentional interference and undermining. Why reject a man whose only desire is to see Liberia rise again —a country to which we share commonality irrespective of our political, religious, and ideological differences and variance.

Fellow countrymen, I know politics have no modicum of morality yet as decent and logical people, we must play politics with a sense of patriotism meaning putting Liberia first in all that we do. Our greatest loyalty as politicians must be to our country(Liberia) not political parties and their leaders. We are worthless, disingenuous, and functionally myopic if our politics don’t aim to put our country above all else and catapult it to nobler heights. We aren’t politicians if patriotism does not drive our politics but rather our politics seek to tear down our nation, eliminate ennoble sons and daughters who slam and reject the rotten and backward system, and the colonial “Deep State” mentality. And we are not productive and progressive politicians if our agenda doesn’t seek to put dignity on our people’s lives and advance our nation into prosperity. If our politics do not pioneer the social transformation of the nation but instead seek to protect the vested interest of the powerful and privilege the FEW over the MANY.

In conclusion, may I say we have watched Dillon keenly, followed his debates on the floor during sessions, read his communications to plenary, deciphered his searing advocacies, and discerned his illuminating passion for public service coupled with his bold, fearless, and resounding urging for good governance. And all we can say, Dillon is quite fit and best suitable for the Senate, as he has all that is required for an effective, efficient, progressive, persuasive, and result-oriented Senator. Ignore the gibberish being oozed out by the naysayers. Trash the rhetorical blusters being echoed by these political parasites, they are meant to distract you. To all and sundry, if we want a productive and independent Senate, I entreat and admonish you most respectfully, LETS GET Dillon REELECTED! And let’s make sure that we get people of his kind elected in the Senate from the other fourteen counties.

Happy Sunday and shalom!

It is not Uhuru yet!

Writes Moncio

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