Legislature Becomes Criminal Enterprise?

The law of Liberia strongly rejects bribery in any form, manner, shape and style, and most importantly, it is even graver for the one who offers bribe. Moreover, the National Legislature, being the first branch and tasked with profound responsibilities including promulgation of legislations and the exemplary character and conduct coupled with the spirit of nationalism and patriotisms reflective of the genuine interest of the people and the supreme image of the state, conversely, the Legislature continues to conduct the people’s business heavily mars out of criminal enterprise.

Despite all the power and authorities placed at the disposal of the lawmakers, they have notoriously and criminally devised a way to massively exploit the people under their own scheme to line their pockets; an overgrown habit and practice that has earned them the accolade of being the engine behind all the nation and people’s problems with emphasis on institutionalized corruption at the detriment of good governance with sound and credible legislations.

If it is very wrong, criminal and a violation of the law of Liberia for a low key government’s employee though is on legitimate salary, yet demands kickback or “cold water” to perform his/her duty of which the latter is hired,, then the lawmakers are of no exception to say the least because fish starts to rot from the head so the pollution of criminality in the embodiment of institutionalized corruption be stopped without delay.

A total nightmare that has regrettably pierced the people’s mandate given to lawmakers is this US$15,000 charged as legislative engagement only to perform the task they have already being paid for; is that amount found in the budget line; are they supposed to use the criminally and ill-gotten US$15,000 to undertake home-based projects; and who is the provider of the toxic US$15000 thrown out to the lawmakers to do their own legislative obligations? This is indeed preposterous to say the least.

The Legislature is chronically saddled with honesty famine; a ruined credibility kudos; damaged image of being the principle fertilizers of institutionalized corruption and the storeroom of imposed abject poverty, unbearable hardship, and while people in the country go to bed without anything to bite on, lawmakers are wallowing in US$15,000 each to do the very job they are elected to do with all duly accorded benefits fully attended.; yet lust, deep-rooted greed to line the pockets are their cardinal concern.

Except, (amidst several leaked tapes revealing some shady operations) the wind of revolutionary rebirth consecrates the Legislature with all aspects of occupant totally baptized in the pool of honesty, devotion to establishing a refine legacy worthy of emulation, the complete removal of the dollar-sign speck from their eyes and use the people-centered-lenses; the electorate should begin to see for themselves, who and with what character they should send to the Legislature if they need an uncompromised change and not business as usual. Everyone has watched these lawmakers for too long to make a difference, and for too long, they have given the people a bad check written on it “no such change is available or could be coming anytime soon.”

Despite the Legislature also being considered a breeding ground of massive corruption; never even submitting to audit; stuffed the budget with their extravagant salaries and all kinds of benefits, besides working barely twice a week with lengthy time apportions as agriculture break wherein most spent that time abroad; cutting so many anti-state-and-people-deals; most of whom have backfired and landed some in a shameful mess; let’s not be fooled into thinking that indeed, a nation gets the kind leaders it deserves-obviously, a nation of sheep deserves a shepherd as leader not a lion since everything does by the leaders is very fine for the sheep with no question, while a nation of men and women of mental discipline. Knowing the value of their votes and how to get the best out of it, will never stoop so very low for one teaspoonful of raw rice and few lousy dollars. No, they won’t even if the lion sits in the driver’s seat he (lion) will definitely play by the term of his mandate or his back is the next to soon see  in keeping with the law.

The Legislature has a whole lot of soul searching and character cleansing to do because its morale is at the lowest ebb, public respect and trust practically no longer exist, and it is time to do everything necessary to re-invent itself for the better.

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