Legal, But Not Expedient -Urey X-Rays US$15,000 Legislative Engagement Saga

The Political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP) Benoni W. Urey says while nothing is wrong with the distribution of US$15,000 each among the senators as legislature engagement as enshrined in the budget, but they should also know and be mindful that not all things that are legal could be expedient especially in a country where most people cannot afford to have a day’s meal let alone have the financial capacity to seek medication..

Addressing a wide range of pertinent national issues at his Lonestar office in Monrovia on Thursday, June 17, 2021, the Business tycoon noted that although the action of the senate is legal according to law since it was budgeted, however, considering the COVID-19 crunch currently plaguing the entire country, it would have been praiseworthy had a sizeable portion been allotted to the heavily challenged healthcare system whose facilities are deplorable, with no drugs, beds, oxygen and other most needed  medical  materials to enhance the escalating Coronavirus that is on the rapid increase in the country.

According to the ALP Political leader, what is obtaining in the country regarding the COVID-19 is not just serious but critically troubling and if Liberians in authority do not take the coronavirus fight very seriously, by spending meaningfully, it could overwhelmed the entire country and most importantly when it hits the hinterlands, the death toll would be too immense to contain.

Mr. Urey who became the first serving leader of the four collaborating political parties (CPP) reminded the senate to measure the volume of human tragedy the COVID-19 could massively inflict on the population if the ways and means are not devised quickly to curtail the wild spread coronavirus; and more disturbingly, the new strain that has entered the country.

He observes that during the raging Ebola scourge, the opposition pressured former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to abort her foreign travel and come back home to join the fray which had been rated a national health emergency. He pointed out that the United States Government did render a profound help in the Ebola fight and an oxygen machine donated was sent to John F. Kennedy Hospital and has not been utilized since; when at least US$2,000 could be spent to obtain an oxygen, and if the senate could imagine the looming disaster to be unleashed by COVID-19,, they would see all reasons to allocate funding for the battle against the most dangerous menace.

He is also  challenging the international community to pressure the George Weah Government to embrace the COVID-19 fight because it is becoming too glaring that if nothing critical is done in that direction most Liberians will die and knowing that the international community is involved into mankind, and obviously, what hurts mankind will definitely have a corresponding impact on it (international community) negatively.

He challenged all Liberians not to doubt it because COVID-19 is real and is in the country. He disclosed that his friend lost his mother who came down with the coronavirus and after searching all the big hospitals only to be told that no bed and oxygen the result, the woman died in the process all because the health facilitators were not up to the tasks with the most needed equipment unavailable and not be workable; but s with the professional staff, people won’t have to be speedily running to Ghana, Senegal or other places to seek medical attentions.

This is why, he stressed that the need to provide all necessary care and support to the various health facilitators would clearly show that we are indeed saving our own lives, instead of neglecting the health needs of the people and seeking personal gains at the expense of massive deaths.

-Writes GDJ


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