Leadership Vacuum

From the strike of any imagination Mr. President, you chose the wrong time of the year to travel. Equally so, a wrong move politically, Mr. President.

Here is a leader who continues to declare before God, men and women about how much he loves the people and the country and that he is so happy and pleased to be their leader; has openly decided to abandon them in the worse health crisis time, to attend a conference abroad because he’s been proclaimed Feminist-In-Chief; when in fact day in and day out, women including babies are being pathetically raped right under his watch, not to mention the massive gender-based violence meted out against women.

When the country and people are gravely catching real hell from the third wave of the coronavirus; tragically piercing their lives in the face of a profoundly challenged healthcare delivery system; wherein the urgent need for the leader to be at home to provide the most craved for leadership imbued with confidence and hope; unfortunately, the President of Liberia, Dr. George M. Weah, amidst the COVID’s horror and misery, departed the country early Monday, June 28, 2021 for Paris, France to participate in the 2021 Generation Equality Forum.

How can the citizens be proud of a leadership when the leader takes significant interest in leaving them in a grave coronavirus pandemic crisis; that question squarely belongs to the leader who forsakes his struggling people at home to be finished by the crusading COVID with total leadership vacuum? So true, the citizens are the politically used guinea pig from the display of absolute ‘raw power’; again, let the President answer what makes the citizens to be so proud of a leadership.

Are you proud of something that shows you openly in difficult time that you are on your own, and so it seems? One of the cardinal obligations of a true leader, apart from keenly listening to the appeals and suggestions of the governed; is the commitment to the citizens’ plights, beginning  with their safety, wellbeing, happiness and the protective guidance of their livelihoods.

Despite the thunderous wailings and appeals for the President to not go to France in the wake of the devastating coronavirus in the country; that he could address the forum via video link or appoint the Vice President to represent him and the country; the President who so deeply love the people and country, chose to see them perishing; while he unwaveringly bored his most private controversial jet for France as the people craved for leadership in such a trying, unscrupulous terrifying and dreadful health crisis tormenting the people so grotesquely.

Indeed, ‘when the poor have cried, Caesar wept’. But is this the case with the President who professes to love the people so dearly, and strongly have the country at heart? How and when can the people know that the leader deeply cares, feels and stands with and for them? Are these normal times, apart from the killer scourge (COVID-19) eroding the human resource, criminality; is at its highest and diabolical encroachment spree on peaceful and armless people; was it then prudent for the President to abandon the people? Will the politico-economic perceived package be stalled, if the President does not attend the occasion?

Obviously, the people must first and foremost be saved, with the leadership taking complete political charge by being physically available in the driver’s seat, and assuming full control of the health catastrophe thereby restoring and solidifying the people’s threatened fragile trust and hope already on edge, as the rates of cases and deaths from the third wave of the coronavirus escalate in the country.

Considering how disastrous the third serge of COVID is crushing the people’s ability to cope and fence for themselves, and without further hesitation, the Political Leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Mr. Benoni W. Urey has written the President of the United States of America, Mr. Joe Biden requesting rapid U.S. intervention into Liberia’s current health crisis.

In a letter dated June 28, Mr. Urey informed President Biden that the health crisis in Liberia is nothing less than a calamity, and grief has consumed the country.

Mr. Urey further disclosed that health facilities in the country lack capacity and resources to deal with what he described as a horrifying medical crisis that is plaguing Liberia and Liberians at the moment.


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