“Leadership Is Not For Fun” -Connect & Re-engage; Roadmap For Opening New Doors

Liberians have been urged to elect people not because they are their tribal men of women or their relationship with them and just great admirers, but because they are able to lead them and manage the country’s resources to benefit everyone and not a selected few.

According to Dr. Joseph N. Boakai, it is foolhardy for leader to heavily concentrate on building or fixing 50 thousand dollars communities’ roads and make it US$3 million, stressing that from 1847, Liberia has had only one road, an if giving the chance to lead, he will build roads that will open up the country and provide opportunities thereby enhancing the free movements of goods and services throughout the country.

Asked by the host of the Costa online show about lowest ebb of Liberia-United States’ relationship that leaders of the country (Liberia) and what will he do if elected to reverse the current trend; the former VP maintains that the people know the leaders in charge of the country, even though the good will is still there, what is needed now is to connect and re-engage with the friends out there.

Former VP Boakai also explained: “I will lead by example by starting with myself and that would include respecting the rule of law. I will be a leader for the country and not friends and family because the people surrounded their resources to you to manage and not for family that is the kind of leadership we will bring”.

Leadership is not for fun, we should be careful how we choose leadership. We should be careful not to elect leaders because of friendship and their personal resources”, Former VP Boakai cautions.

-Writes GDJ


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