Kroll Grieves LD16bn/US$25mTwin-Ghost -Over Its Undisclosed Redacted Dimension For Confidentiality Purposes

A lot of expensive noise was caused; there became hints and allegations, incidents and denial; some were vehemently accused and dragged to court in the process, slammed behind bars with the anticipation of fully convincing the suspicion-propelled citizens about one of the nation’s greatest shocks of reported darkest day in the currency management saga which despite the result of the outcome that indeed, no money got missing, the grim aftershock posture is still lingering in the hearts of many unsatisfied truth seekers.

While it is believed that truth crushed to the ground will rise again, the manner and form the LD16bn and US$25m mopping scheme ran through the fingers of the people as the twin-ghost of the latter (LD16bn/US$25m) is no longer at erase from the undisclosed redacted aspect for confidentiality purposes remains very troubling for the digestive system of the people whose hearts are heavily lumbered with sorrow and grief.

According to observers, the looming doubt flooding the minds of some citizens upon listening to all the rhythms from the key informed players of the billions and the millions inspite of pursuance of legal formality for some set of individuals to the exclusion of others coupled with the intervention of USAID, with Kroll, a division of DUFF & PHELPS stepping up to the plate imbued with all its fine tune  technologies and sophistication  being hired by the very USAID; sounded a sad note that for confidentiality purposes, Kroll has redacted commercially sensitive information and removed the names of non-elected or confirmed persons in this report.

Again, accordingly, redaction is a form of editing in which multiple sources of texts are combined (redacted) and altered slightly to make a single document. Often this is a method of collecting a series of writings on a similar theme and creating a definitive and coherent work. The term is also used to describe removal of some document content, replacing it typically with black rectangles which indicate the removal.[1]

One looming doubt eclipsed and the need to at least know out of all sincerity is what was redacted and altered from the investigation Kroll conducted in the LD16bn episode and why such was treated in the manner, form and style and in whose interest and at whose detriment?

In the court of public opinion, where simmering suspicion is gravely heating up despite whatsoever resolution may have been tactically or otherwise presented as the truth and final conclusion; one thing is still curtained, where did the Eugene Nagbe, Mulbah Morlu and others in the corridor of power gather all those amazing tales about the missing money and its movement from one end to another; were these  political fat cats drunk at the time since it has become the only razor blade to hang on when reckless statements are made by these movers and shakers.

Interestingly to note is the purported dimension in which the CBL’s Governor Nathaniel Patray melted from the stage of time upon craving for his retirement package at such a very crucial moment in the monetary. Upon also admitting that a sizeable Amount of the money was not in the banking sector and the CBL was not in  control of.

Moreover, while Finance Minister Samuel Tweah said there was no missing money while seriously tormenting and verbally torturing Information Minister who noted that indeed there was missing money, also to the displeasure of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Patray and Tweah were singing from the same hymn sheet.

For example on October 1, 2018 Nathaniel Patray, the Executive Governor of the CBL issued a public statement that, based on an internal assessment, all LRD 15.506 billion of the new banknotes had been placed in the CBL’s reserve vaults and that no new banknotes were missing.

At the request of the Government of Liberia, the United States Agency for International Development (hereafter “USAID”) issued a tender to contract an independent forensic investigation firm to conduct a scoping report engagement to ascertain the basic facts of the alleged disappearance of the new banknotes, and to determine to what extent a broader investigation would be required into the matter to help achieve a clearer understanding of the currency situation.

Kroll Associates, Inc. (hereafter “Kroll”) was engaged by USAID on November 21, 2018 to undertake a scoping report (hereafter the “Independent Review”) into the alleged disappearance of new banknotes. The allegations relate to new banknotes ordered by the CBL from Crane AB, a Swedish banknote manufacturer. Crane AB operates as a subsidiary of a US corporation, Crane and Co. Inc.

Kroll’s analysis of the delivery documents provided by the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) confirms that new banknotes totaling LRD 15.506 billion were received into the CBL’s reserve vaults.

Kroll found no information to support allegations that a container of banknotes went missing. However, Kroll does raise concerns regarding the overall accuracy

and completeness of the CBL’s internal records.

The Report identifies systemic and procedural weaknesses at the CBL, and identifies shortcomings in Liberia’s fiscal and monetary management processes

that are longstanding and continue to the present day.

Be as it may, there are more questions than answers regarding the sincerity of what actually obtained in the investigated missing money saga until it is fairly, logically and convincingly over, obviously, it is not over.

-Writes GDJ


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