King Larry” Was Truly A Mystical Man— A Tribute

By: Moncio Robert Kpadeh (Sage)

At age 87, the Legendary “King Larry” has peacefully transitioned to the mountaintop to dwell in the blissful Bosom of the Almighty Creator. His demise bleeds our hearts but his grandeur memories shall console us forever. King Larry will no doubt be missed yet celebrated for his superior, quality, captivating, piercing, striking, intriguing, liberating, sagacious, and classic interviews. He was truly a ‘Saint of the Microphone’ and a mystical man faith would position in a special class and league. It is no gainsaying to posit that during his prime, no Talk Show Host across the world could outperform the dazzling lambency of “King Larry”. Besides his blazing erudition and prolific line of questioning, he is also remembered for his elegant and stylish dressing habits. Oops, his suspender swag was classic and illuminating to the eyes of the world. I could say ” King Larry” was a connoisseur of quality and gorgeous clothes, apparently reading from the playbook of King Solomon who was revered as the best-dressed man to ever exist as well as his good tase for fine things in biblical times. Everyone was more eager to switch on CNN just to see his sparkling dress code and listen to his powerful and breathtaking interviews as the day dawn. It is reasonable to argue that Larry King, the trial blazer popularized CNN to the world.

May we say Chapeau to him for his outstanding contributions to the world and his remarkable fulfillment of life.
PEACE BE UPON HIM! Adeur “King Larry”!

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