Jamima Wolokollie Lashes CDC’s Chairman -Calls Him A Criminal

By: Julius T. Jaesen, II

Dismissed Deputy Minister Jamima Wolokollie has branded the Chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Mulbah Morlu as a criminal who faked his identity as a Pastor to extort money from poor Liberian citizens on the Bujumburam camp in Ghana.

According to Jamima, those poor Liberians ran away from the civil war to get to the United States of American under a resettlement program. But according to her, Mulbah Morlu who was also in a relationship with a lady from the USA called Queen Sheba claimed that he was a liaison officer between the US Embassy near Accra, Ghana and the Liberians who were on the refugee camp.


Former Deputy Minister Wolokollie is not the first person to have made such damming allegations against Morlu’s persona. It can be recalled that in 2009, a breakaway faction from the transitional justice advocacy group called the Forum for the Establishment of War Crimes Court accused CDC’s Chairman Mulbah Morlu, Jr. of forging United States Visas and giving those visas to victims of his criminal syndicate to travel to the US but only to know the visas were not from the Embassy but rather forged by Morlu.

Speaking Wednesday morning, July 15, 2020, on the Prime Morning Drive talk-show, former Minister Wolokollie said after Mulbah Morlu was being hunted by his victims, he used his slippery talking and trickiness to convince former Representative Dusty Wolokollie to pay for his plane ticket and bring him back to Liberia.

She also claimed that Morlu’s Chairmanship is illegal as he has completed the unexpired term of Minister Nathaniel F. McGill but continues to hold the party in hostage by refusing to take the party to convention.

The Parrot News Website has gathered that Mulbah K. Morlu, Jr., Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, is notoriously noted for many criminal misdeeds and controversies both in Ghana and in Liberia. It can also be recalled in 2009 when the former US President, Barack Obama visited Ghana on an official state visit, Mulbah Morlu lied that as Chairman for the defunct Forum for the Establishment of War Crimes Court in Liberia, he met with the US President in Ghana and they discussed for six minutes, an allegation that constraint the US Embassy near Monrovia and the Liberian Embassy in Ghana to clarify that at no time did Morlu ever meet with Obama.

Since that shameful disgrace of the CDC’s conman and overstayed Chairman, his war crimes court advocacy group lost complete relevance and became a history of the past. According to some of the group members, including Baokai Jeleiba who was then Secretary-General of the group, accused Morlu of extorting money from some friends in and out of Liberia in their group’s name and diverted said funds to his personal account instead of opening an institutional account for their group.

Moreover, in December 2010, Chairman Morlu upon expressing his dissents about the CDC and Liberty Party failed marriage, met the late Willard Russell and allegedly demanded $US20,000.00 (Twenty thousand) to pledge support to the re-election bid of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

According to a copy of Morlu’s press release that is in the possession of Parrot News, he averred, ‘‘After weeks of internal political dissensions owing to merger negotiations imposed upon the Congress for Democratic Change by counter-revolutionary forces who have gate-crashed the institution into an infamous ‘Resolution’ instructing the formulation of an “Exploratory Committee” to enhance said unholy democratic romance, it is my opinion that the decision has compromised the preamble and core-value of the organisation’’, he concludes. This albatross of unbearable failure thrown our way through the rebirth of the Brumskine dictatorship now robust within our political parameters is a critical distraction that has nearly shattered the political and grassroots foundation of the CDC, Morlu claimed.

Still, in his press statement, he asserted, ‘‘the spirit, intent and purpose of this process is a messy miscarriage of visionary leadership derived from the credulous cohabiting of mismatched political genes, impels my decision to support the 2011 re-election campaign of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, he concluded. “Believing that a plausible democratic credential is a sine qua non to the achievement of anticipated post-war benchmarks, the domestic and internationally acclaimed success of President Sirleaf requires that the Liberian voting population re-elect her to enable her to fulfil the completion of her development agenda. Even though I’ve been in strong opposition to the President since 2005, I cannot continue to ignore the success of the road rehabilitation drive, the face-lifting policy of healthcare, the restored trust and credibility in the financial sector, debt waiver, etc, all signature programs of the Sirleaf leadership, which has done more than it is credited for”, Morlu concluded in his defence for Ellen’s re-election bid.

But only to realize after Willard Russell’s alleged refusal to give Morlu the US$20,000.00 promised him, he jerked Mr Russell’s phone valued over US$1,000 and threatened to harm him if he doesn’t live up to the agreement.







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