It’s Time To Reconcile and Unite Bomi Country, Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe Must Lead The Charge

An Open Letter TO Senator Snowe
Dear Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe:
With esteemed sentiments, I congratulate you on your watershed certification by the National Election Commission(NEC)— especially after months of an unwarranted legal tussle over the credibility of your epic win in the recent senatorial election of Bomi County.
As one of the candidates who fiercely contested in the just ended Bomi Country Senatorial election, I believe you won fairly and convincingly, which necessitated and compelled my congratulatory message to you immediately after the NEC declared you the winner of the heavily contested election.
While the legal and political tussles are over and obstacles that earlier hindered your ascent to your seat in the Senate are now removed, it is abundantly clear that the recent election left behind blistering scars on the minds of many eminent and regular Bomi citizens. As things stand, our beloved Bomi county is begrudged by division, hatred, malice, and scorching anger.
More than ever, Bomi county is grieving and grinding in its belly for Leadership. A leadership that heals the deep wound, coaxes and mends the hurting hearts, bridges the deepening and toxic divide, and reaches out to all stakeholders—a move premised on the intent to reconcile and unite all of Bomi County. I have no ounce of doubt in my mind, that you, Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe, a savvy and experienced politician, compassionate, gracious, peace-loving, and a distinguished son of Bomi cannot do this to savage Bomi from the fast-creeping disastrous political divide which will continue to keep the county on the backward trend as a badly underdeveloped County with a wretched poor mass of citizens.
The time is now, hope is dawn and the new era that will see Bomi rise to new heights is beaming on the horizon, but for all of this to become a living reality, the leaders and resilient people of Bomi must come together with a forgiving hearts—putting behind them the hurts and emotional sentiments that emanated from the recent senatorial election, reconcile as sons and daughters of Bomi, and unite as one people.
In this regard, I respectfully entreat and encourage you, Senator Snowe, Leader of our county, to provide the necessary leadership to ensure that Bomi County is at PEACE WITH ITSELF. Henceforth, I am herewith recommending that your honorable office plan along with the Chief, Zoes, Elders, religious leaders, all political leaders, and essential groupings of the county, A THREE-DAY RECOCILIATORY AND UNITY CONFERENCE, to be held in the fine city of Tubmanburg not later than April 2021. The Reconciliation and Unity Conference will aim to heal the political wounds, reconcile political rivals and their respective supporters and essentially unite the entire county. This will give you, Senator Snowe, the lofty opportunity to rally all citizens of Bomi irrespective of their political, ideological, and religious leanings under one big tenth and together chat the future course of our beloved Bomi County.
May I also appeal to all and sundry, like I did, in my previous statement on the outcome of the Bomi election, that it is time for us to put the past behind us, firmly hold together, and forge ahead as one people. The election is over, the raves and rants that attended said election must also be over. Hon. Edwin Melvin Snow has won, he is now our Senator, no matter what. May we all see his win as a win for Bomi county and together harness and translate this win into tons of opportunities and possibilities for the generality of Bomi county. It is time for us to put our hands around Senator Snowe, accord him the due courtesy, and offer him our prayers and good graces for him to succeed because when he succeeds, Bomi county succeeds, and by consanguinity, we all succeed.
Therefore, as I humbly challenge Senator Snowe to lead this noble charge, I crave the indulgence and cooperation of all citizens to fully back the idea of holding such Reconciliation and Unity Conference as recommended by me. Let’s do so in the spirit of peace and tranquillity! Remember, there are streams of blessings in unity. When we are united, we can move mountains, crush down big walls, and collectively conquer our common foes. LET’S UNITE BOMI, MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, for such is the way to go.
I have no reason to doubt whether Senator Snowe who I know to be so passionate about the advancement of Bomi and its struggling people will certainly consider my recommendation, as it is the wisest thing to do at this telling juncture in Bomi’s striving history. As a Son of Bomi County, I hereby avail myself to the honorable office of Senator Edwin Snowe to assist in every way possible and reasonable to accentuate our beloved Bomi county to nobler heights.
I thank you.
Respectfully your;
Soko Dorley
Proud Son of Bomi County

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