Is Violence CDC’s Fall Back Strategy? -When Political Signals Don’t Seem Favorable Campaign-wise?

Time after time, all elected Liberian leaderships whether by hope or crook, continued to be reminded when they begin to trek the route of violence as exclusive self-styled controlled avenue to stamp their unwarranted, inhumane and total disrespect for dignity, constitutional provisions including the rights for others; that despite the mantle of authority being entrusted in their care for a prescribed era; it is written in stone that no one man, group, organization, or politically-driven entity or institution has monopoly over  violence; and specifically for the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) that finds  endless pleasure of authority in unleashing raw ferocity on opponents during campaign season leading to election, to be very soberly aware and careful not to be fool  to be fool into thinking that while they would openly subscribe to  the barbaric  concept: violence takes it by force; pathetically, even  diamonds are not forever.

As an open secret that the 14-year-old unnecessary civil crisis did not settle and resolve the nation’s backwardness nor did it transform the livelihood of the people to an advanced level of positive achievements in aspirations, joy peace and happiness; let no one continue to lay so deep in meted-out violence against perceived progressives in the election race, by creating molestingly violent checkpoints imbued with animosity that is tele-guided to brew tension and brutality at the expense of archrivals; and to stall and scare away competitors from venturing in such terrain declared by them (ruling establishment)  as no-go—zone or others; indeed, the people are sick and tired with such vicious maneuvering  and are saying  a big NO to violence in its totality no matter who finds supreme interest in it.

With the senatorial election slated for December 8, 2020, and already making waves and kicking dust all over the place in the absence of the National Elections Commission’s (NEC) sanctioning the premature activities under the rubric of over-stepped party primary, the nation is grimly being  confronted with the   simmering culture of  violence with impunity directed at contestants by the ruling establishment as was done in previous elections and places with thorough police’s (security’s)  reports of the perpetrators being released to the public inspite along with names of the  adventurists.

To see Thomas Fallah dishing out thousands of Liberian Dollars all over the place when in fact, CDC has not been the political party that does such rather people spent their own money, print their own T-shirts and rendered all services to keep the CDC afloat, is now throwing out money, speaking out the loudest for support and doing all what previous losers did do to amass  votes for this impending senatorial elections after watching their so-called declared political stronghold or turf being slipped through their fingers, one needs not to be a rocky scientist to know why CDC is shamefully and embarrassingly fighting; unlike previous elections when the party was the heavyweight and political powerhouse dubbed: cookie  cutter, it is now begging and by extension, holding foot of people to look their way for the restoration of the lost political glory-Monsterrado County Senatorial Seat.

Over the weekend, the culture of raw and naked violence mounted the stage again with pride and dignity fearing not even the great and fearful weight of the law being meted out against them (CDC), while the political opponents of CDC’s gangsteristic trademark was unleashed in Clara Town in Monrovia  on mainly the man and name the party shall never forget in and during this senatorial election, and that’s  Abraham Darius Dillon, whose  visit in the area (Clara Town) was marred with indecent and distasteful  action which once again sounds a reminder of past development.

Before, in similar violent posture, Telia Urey who moved against the candidate of the CDC narrowly escaped a violent situation that could have hampered her personal safety and security while in the New Georgia community, Monrovia City Major and a staunch partisan of the ruling establishment, Jefferson T. Koijee made screaming headlines nationwide for spearheading violence and allegedly armed with some deadly dangerous gadgets  accompanied by other partisans against an opponent  and supporters which left some people badly wounded, and despite the police being knowledgeable of the sad situation that occurred in the New Georgia community, the report has not been made public  or arrest of the alleged perpetrators made.

Of late, some disgruntle people in Zwedru , Grand Gedeh County, reportedly of the CDC created an uneasy environment which violently embarrassed the peace, safety and security of CPP Chairman Alexander B. Cummings and entourage including Montserrado County number 10 Representative Yekeh Korlubah who was personally attacked for always insulting President George M. Weah and his mother and were taken the action to teach him (Yekeh) a lesson.

The culture of violence is not necessary or needed in a post-war country like Liberia wherein the destruction of all factors of production and the killing of over 250,000 people did not in any way impact the country and people positively and constructively rather took the country and people back for another 50 or more years in every human and nation‘s endeavors. This is why the people are shying away from violence in any form, shape and manner and that is not the sign of perpetual weakness knowing that violence begot violence and it would be foolhardy for the CDC to think and believe that it has monopoly 0ver violence; this is wrong and it is not true.

Let’s change the ongoing narrative leading to the senatorial election around with a positive character, we must be civic in our political dealings and remained within the circumference of democratic tenets; people don’t have to bleed to show that there was an election held here; no one has to or must be killed to exhibit our violent culture, instead we must ensure a violent-free election for all during the upcoming senatorial race.

Most people are strongly questioning the inner most sincerity of the title bestowed on Weah as Peace Ambassador while before and still heading the CDC? Is Weah truly a peaceful human being and a character of recompilation? Are those expected virtues being properly displayed for the intended purposes? What is peace, and its application from Weah’s stand point? For the almost three years of his (Weah’s) leadership, it is glaring for the nation and people to take stock by comparing, connecting and deducing in keeping with the hard facts of exiting reality on the grounds. By and large, let it not be asked on and after that, is violence CDC’s fall back strategy when political signals don’t seem favorable campaign-wise?  No one also needs to be a super magician to call spade a spade that most people, more than majority of this country are politically angry, but suppressing their political agony to speak out  and act democratically at the ballot  box on December 8, 2020 and 2023 respectively. Remember this always, angry people are more dangerous than soldiers presiding over nuclear weapon, the only recipe is the ballot through democratic process and let’s all of us face it without second thought or violence.

-Writes GDJ


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