June 11, 2022

Liberia was a failed State when the UP led Government took over in 2006, all democratic institutions had collapsed, a failed economy and nothing to inherit from the successive interim arrangements. All those who where appointed to cabinet positions had no record to depend on to restart the nation, including Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai.It required intellectuals to start rebuilding, from the broken pieces to make a nation that we call Liberia.

Reconciliation was an issue, restoring dignity to the Liberian Passport was another problem, education,health, International Relationship and partnership with traditional friends and allies had to be rekindled.

It would take a strong and energetic team to get Liberia working again.

The youth were disenchanted, agricultural output was nothing as farmers struggled to get loans to run their farms.

The private sector had crumbled to the ground and the Government payroll was bloated and cleaning it was a major challenge.

The Government inherited unqualified personnel as far as from the collective Presidency of the five man Council of State and to get the Nation manpower back on track was a nightmare.

Under the UP-led Government, there were challenges so overwhelming that only a team of experts put to work could respond to the compound complex problems that took over the country including, power supply,water and sanitation and Job creation.

This is the team that got to work to get Liberia working again with EJS at the helm and JNB as deputy.

No body understand these complex problems better than JNB who is telling the Liberian people not to gamble with their future for the second time.

Howbeit, the nation got on it’s feet following major interventions from partners to waive the debts and for Liberia to access money for the rebuilding of the country.

The nation ran perfectly well from 2006 to 2017 until the CDC took over and everything changed.

It started right before our very eyes at the SKD sports complex when stalwarts of the CDC demanded the control of the protocol of the inauguration program and sidelined the State protocol.We knew we were in a major problem.

That was the tip of the iceberg of the series of problems we are faced with today.Total breakdown of protocol it remains so until today.

You must based your Government on the existing mechanism already in place, the Liberian Government should not be starting all over it shouldn’t be some new such as scratching out everything at inauguration.

This was very unpatriotic those were systems put into place for you to start based on those systems,now you damaged everything.

The economy has crumbled again, no international connection, qualified staff uprooted and replaced with those who have no idea how to run a government.

You employed partisans, qualification is not an issue anymore.

Come 2023, we must start all over like in 2006, Liberians need an experienced and qualified leader because we are in for a fresh start, nobody should pretend that they don’t know, everyone knows.

Who is best suited to understand these complex problems again? Of course JNB!!

The nation has virtually stopped working, corruption is the order of the day compounded by other serious problems of security,the economy, jobs, health etc.

You need help but you are not calling for those who can do the job because they are in the opposition block.

We are telling Liberians that Liberia needs a saviour, a politician that has the capacity to jump start the oldest country on the continent.

It is a shame that we should be in the condition that we find ourselves today simply because we failed to build on the gains made over the twelve years of the up led Government,but instead damage everything and bring us back to square one.

Then to add insult to injury you want state power come 2023 after destroying the gains made.

My appeal to social media Giants and politicians, stop redirecting Liberia in the wrong direction, these kids need to have a future, Liberian children.

You know deep down inside that we have a problem,stop pretending.Do you love your country?I am appalled by the unpatriotic comments emanating from folks who I believe should know better for Liberia

We call on manipulators of every Liberian situation to do a favor by distancing themselves from 2023. We know you and Liberia has stopped working because of you.

By- Atty.George K.Saah

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