Institutionalized Thievery -OPRM Leader Laments; Says, Such Characterizes The Pro-Poor Gov’t; Coupled With Spewing Lies

A renowned Liberian Economist and Politician, Dr. Togba Nah Tepoteh, during the first anniversary (April 12, 1981) of the military junta named and styled: People’s Redemption Council (PRC) that overthrew the more than a century old one-party system of the grand old True Whig Party (TWP), strongly warned the junta that the worse crime any government can commit is to lie to its people.

Considering the practical reality of the above statement, the George M. Weah-led government has been vividly classified by the Leader of the One People Revolutionary Movement (OPRM), Comrade Robert Moncio Kpadeh as an institutionalized thievery with emphasis on telling lies in its transactions and operations.

Comrade Kpadeh who was vehemently critical of the result of the recent General Audit Report from the General Auditing Commission (GSA) conducted on the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare unearthed over US$71,000 spent on the Coronavirus medicine brought into the country from Madagascar, when in fact President Weah had earlier told the Liberian people in particular and the world at large, that the consignment was a gift from the government and people of said country; completely a lie whereas it costs the taxpayers of Liberia over US$71,000 as payment for the questionable COVID-19 medicine that did not in any sense and manner, benefit the people besides the President and some officials.

Expressing that he was not surprised the least regarding the lie told by the government to the people about the medicine from that African country rather it is a shame when government had to lie that it was a gift when in fact it was paid for from the national coffer and intentionally leaving the people in the dark, something Comrade Moncio Kpadeh described as preposterous and criminal in scope and nature of governance.

According to the OPRM Leader, he’s not being surprised for the lie told by government in the case of the over US$71,000 COVID-19 saga which falls squarely and perfectly in line with the restless way the US$25 million mopping scheme was carried out by Finance Minister Samuel Tweah which inflicted total fiasco and grave embarrassment to the image of the country; the funds used on the so-called stimulus package which only satisfied the privileged few backed up with another blatant lie that it has covered over 90% (stimulus package) supply nationwide of the people, mainly what it referred to as the “most vulnerable”, when  barely it has not reached 25% of the people nationwide.

Reiterating that the government does not speak the truth instead lies every time and it is serious that they can sell this country, all for the love of money, money and money than serving the supreme interest of the people; adding that they are in a deep rush for amassing wealth and properties which has consumed the leaders, while being extolled by some elements, not forgetting to know that the devil also has loyalists, Kpadeh intoned.

Touching on a Liberian Parlance that the chicken that will take care of the home, first starts to stretch from the door stairs; by extension, governance is about discipline and honesty with emphasis on possessing the true DNA of nationalism, Comrade Moncio  as guest on the JOY FM Radio  phone-in-talk show  on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 in Monrovia, maintains that the establishment of a credible domestic standing with seriousness for the uncompromising rule of law where justice is not coerced, and on sale, coupled with untinted security, will definitely open more doors for the country abroad, thereby vigorously attracting great investors, investments including tourists as evident by Ghana.

They (current leaders) lack credibility, have no contacts and do not know the workings of government, he said, and stated that it is time to be concerned about improvement on the home front.

According to him, the method and fashion employed to salvage its depressed image and governance posture abroad by dispatching a little known delegation with less planted contacts, to engage top U.S. Congressional Committee heads, has found itself in low level conversations with junior government officials and employees with low key political influence and international clout, will hurt the desperately needed and required objectives to turn things around for the better of the government and despite hanging on one overly worked lobbyist, one can see the vague arrangement, with no report being dispatched back home form where the people would follow-up on unfolding development by virtue of negotiation as was done in the previous administration.

-Writes GDJ

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