Infectious Leadership Liability -Proclaimed Pundits Dishearteningly

The infectious leadership liability recklessly dumped on the nation and people by President George M. Weah, has profusely bled the people’s collective trust, confidence, hope and aspiration for any form of better, dependably promising futuristic livelihoods as employment remains a totally rejected non-national issue; survivability for the people besides the privileged few, a condemned taboo; as the very ailing economy is being pumped with worthless and pretty much gracefully useless mutilated local dollars inspite of the resent  printing of new family of over LD40 billion with just little amount floating on the market, heavily swallowed by the  wear and tear of the  currently badly ruined local currency, pundits, without hesitation, say the country  and people are in complete bad shape regarding the Weah’s infectious leadership liability.

Taking it a step further, they, while extolling the essence and spirit of oneness and the sense of belonging of the most challenged Bicentennial which year-long celebration is being  declared, the pundits from the planning stage, detected several flaws of neutralization of key players and cardinal components that reflect the truest settings and finest images of the realities of historical significance, which uprightly robbed the social, political and, economic kudos; all because the leadership unleashed the gruesome method of elimination by cherry-picking and the absolute reduction of the entire launch of the Bicentennial from, collectivism to a pro-Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) rallying point with partisans, supporters and sympathizers embarrassingly attired in militarized  red and blue berets attended by some colors driven lappas and tailored shirts strictly resigned to party mandate’s disciples and heavyweights; thereby  missing the actual beauty  and taste of the honor, power and glory of the almighty Bicentennial.


During the official opening of the Bicentennial, the head of the US Government delegation in a message to President George M. Weah and delivered by Ms. Dana Banks, among other things, stressed the unimpressive corruption credential of the government and emphasized that the US Government will not and cannot fight corruption for the Liberian Government rather it has to do it itself by applying the political will-power, adding that no government is 100% perfect, but  is able  to resolve such scourge by mustering the courage and will-power to call spade a spade.

With  transparency and accountability, according to pundits, being an archrival of this current administration, many questions advanced to it regarding certain expenditures yet to be known how they were spent, where did the money come from and why it is not the right of the people to know, remained a mystical issue to ponder over.

Example, the pundits out of desperation, craved to know where the money came from whether from the national coffers in respect to the vehicles and motorbikes given to the chiefs and elders. Sometime last month, traditional chiefs and elders from the 15 sub-political divisions of Liberia were at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville, presented with 30 pickups, (one for each) 150 motorbikes and 15 ambulances to the 15 counties of Liberia. Accordingly, president was making good his promises to the chiefs and elders, again, when the pundits requested the procedure of transparency and accountability or how the fund was generated; the answer today is stuck in the wind.

When President George M. Weah declared that he will beat his opponents like baby in the 2023 presidential election at celebration of his 55th birthday on October 1, 2021, little did he know that the very election will be heavily weaponized from the arsenals of governance, transparency, accountability, competence and respecters of the constitution along with the due process of the law; are gallantly, without compromise, heading the substance of the frontline reflective as cardinal political spectrum where the current leadership has performed very gloomily for almost five years running.

With the long chain of unaccountable funds recklessly spent from the coffers of the taxpayers wherein the government serves as the custodian beginning with the US$25 million mop up exercise which today remains chaotically troubling as the government cannot give a comprehensive report coupled with legitimate result, is unacceptable and full accountability is demanded; the over US$30 million sustainable lockdown Coronavirus for the citizens which sadly short landed thereby denying vast segment of the population  of such benefit from the resources of the state without proper transparency and accountability, is mind-wrecking; the printing of LD4 billion all in 500 banknotes which became eclipsed and did not resolve some of the most sticky and painful economic crunch, is also disturbing ; the scar engraved on the image of the government and country regarding the absolute disappearance of the LD16 billion today still serves as a mystical devastation and leadership style  of ground swell cronies sycophantic praise-singers;, the breaching of the law by meting out selective justice and showered impunity on presidential henchmen including other vicious odds against the people, have transformed them into total over looked casualty of their own achievements; all these have built the political death bed of this leadership at the ballot box in 2023 if the electorates wholeheartedly  with a set mind, surely  want to see the back of this problems-saddled leadership


Additionally,, the massive and uncontrolled  wave of unsolved mysterious deaths of citizens throughout  the country, with government appears to be caught on the back foot with nothing substantively being demonstrated to calm the storm and  curtail the troubling amazing human tragedy that has overwhelmed the country and the citizens’ security; also stands as a vicious worrying and scaring nerve-breaking scenario that continue to live with the people. Now,  everyone is living in perpetual fear with no one to trust or depend on for safety in the state, as the government spearheaded by its team of leadership seems to be caught in a tight corner and cannot vividly and clearly account for the unwholesome happenings involving people losing their lives pathetically instituted by some unscrupulous individuals operating a cartel to recklessly kill people and sell  their human parts as being reported in the media which is barbaric  in nature and scope that cannot,  and must not be tolerated any longer.

Meanwhile. from the strike of any imagination, no nation, has ever obtained fruitful glory and praiseworthiness for its growth and envious development, when it proudly accommodates impunity to all who engaged in criminality, wanton killing of professionals as well as innocent and defenseless citizens; insecurity, whose leaders from top to bottom  are accused openly, of allegedly being major shareholders of stealing from state coffers, gross violations of human rights including unseriousness in the art of leadership and craft of good governance.

Moreover, in a nation where the citizens take great pride in building a country based on the respect for the rule of law, wherein no one is absolutely in the truest sense and meaning of the word, is above the law; where the leadership is not entrenched in cronyism, sycophantic belly-driven glee club and the perpetual blind loyalists who see nothing wrong with the rapid nose-dive  sinking posture the country and people are pathetically strapped into, due to the bad leadership being imposed on them in any form, manner and style, wherein, the entire environment becomes very worrisome, bleak and  nefariously toxic., then again, it is too troubling.

Despite the crunch, the nation still has fearless people fully prepared at all times to checkmate the government in its overly determined worthless and restless pleasure in negatively reversing the country to the altar of business as usual. And quite disturbingly, at this juncture, the Collaborating Political Parties’ (CPP’s) debacle, profoundly featuring the Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings presently now dancing in court, a rough, tough and mean marred rhythm at the wrong time of the political calendar; an action which most political observers see as the most shattering blow ever dealt the people who have totally succumbed to the political philosophy and strategies with the clarion call of making the incumbent a one term president, has pathetically backfired on them with their inclusive hopes and aspirations; thus leading them to start all over again-meaning which coalition or collaborating group moreover, the force to trust for 2023.

The applied brakes on the dangerous woes that are negatively piercing the image of the state with its people in the lenses of the global community is indeed,  not just comical, but completely laughable in shame.

-Writes GDJ

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