Indeed, Liberia Is In Trouble

In revolutionary philosophy and polity, the masses (people) are the True Army, not the sophisticated military and paramilitary Forces a government builds and the heavily armed bodyguards and aides surrounding a President. Captain Thomas Sankara, one of Africa’s revered and celebrated revolutionaries once postulated at a summit of African leaders, “A Leader who does good by the people and for the people, will be loved and protected by the very people. He furthered, such a Leader doesn’t need the protection of the military and police forces, as the love of the people is the greatest protection any leader can strive for”.

Well, Mr. George Weah and his gang of goons and desperate thieves think otherwise. Under Weah’s idiosyncratic, hawkish, scandalous, roguish, lawless, reckless, incorrigible, and ludicrous rulership, the homeland is experiencing the proliferation of weapons to the extent that Weah’s cooks at home are said to be bearing firearms. In a country where education is substandard and public health facilities lack needed drugs and medical equipment to service ailing citizens, Weah, the man who lusts for material wealth compares to none has procured over five expensive bulletproof vehicles to shield himself from potential danger, real or perceived. But Weah and his band of idolatry surrogates claim he is profoundly popular and loved by the masses, why does he have all these bulletproof cars to shield himself from the very people who they claim favor him? Why has he militarized his surrounding to the extent that even protocol officers, aides, and cooks are reported to be armed? How come a man from the squalor slum is insulating himself from the people on whose backs he rose to power?  What a conundrum of contradictions!

Hereunder is the photo of one of Weah’s known aides Sekou Kalasco Damaro conspicuously brandishing a firearm in the full range of peaceful Lofa citizens. When did this chap become a presidential state guard to bear weapons? Has he transitioned from a presidential aide to a presidential security guard? Where was he trained? Which training base did he graduate from? Where are his graduation certificate and his license to bear arms? These are the lingering and vexing questions spiraling from the lips of many Liberians since the publication of this horrifying photo of Sekou.

This is what Liberia has sadly turned out to be under Weah—a place of gloom and doom. From the look of things, Liberia could turn out to be a totalitarian state with George Weah at the helm. Why? Weah has autocratic tendencies running through his blood veins. He is intolerant, conceited, unforgiving, nepotistic, arrogant, tribalistic, incorrigible, and domineering coupled with the fact that he is surrounded by avowed extremists who are ready to die for him at any given time. With these dreadful characteristics, Liberia has a MONSTER in Weah sitting on its coveted throne. Do not take George Weah and his extreme henchmen for granted. They are barbaric and demonic enough to do anything and everything for power and to hold power beyond constitutional limits. If not so, why are Weah and his gang militarizing the presidential space as we glaringly see? He came to power democratically—by way of the ballot box, not by the barrels of the guns. Why has he cleaved on to Guns for protection instead of the constitution that guarantees his presidency?

Revered statesman and immaculate elder of the land senior Comrade Joseph Nyuma Boakai recently told us; “Liberia is in trouble”. May we listen to the voice of wisdom and take this revelation seriously. This statement is instructive, emphatic, and revealing.

Indeed, Liberia is in trouble and it a matter of urgency and exigency that good men and women of our homeland stand up in one accord and fight for the soul of the nation. We must reclaim our homeland from the hands of these bellicose gangsters or we permit them to continue to rule over us and suffer the fate thereof.

Now is the winter of our discontent which amplifies my famous mantra:

It is not Uhuru yet!


-Writes Cde. Robert Moncio Kpadeh

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