In Honor of The Student Unification Party (SUP):

By: Cde. Moncio Robert Kpadeh(Sage)

It is without a doubt, the Student Unification Party (SUP) at the University of Liberia has profoundly demonstrated that its moral conscience is unswayable and its guiding ethos remains uncompromising. For over five decades, SUP has established and equated itself as a soul revolutionary institution with one ultimate goal, the social transformation of the Liberian state in which egalitarianism thrives and social justice is the national order and the polity of the republic is premised on national purpose (s). For this is the overarching ideology of SUP and certainly an idea that must be embraced by all patriots of the homeland.

In its selfless pursuit for a paradigm shift in Liberia where all citizens are equal before the law and the wealth of the nation are equitably distributed and opportunities are fairly apportioned to all its citizens, SUP continues to be the bulwark of social justice and democracy in Liberia. It has an exceptionally outstanding record of fiercely and consistently resisting misrule in Liberia and does so unapologetically. SUP has an unmatched record and reputation for radically calling out and shaming roguish public officials who take pride in looting and plundering public funds. It has booed and rebuked bad governors since it was established. SUP does not tolerate nor covet mischief of any kind, neither does SUP enthrone dishonorable and sleazy elements who connive and collude in the wicked robbery of the state treasury and subject the masses of our people to wanton poverty and despair.

From the wretched and debauched era of the corrupt and repressive hegemony to the current era of national shame, disgust, and hopelessness, SUP has fearlessly championed the struggle for rights and rice. Then and now, all SUP has rightfully desired is the socioeconomic transformation of Liberia that would see the masses of the Liberian people lifted from the perennial abyss of poverty and misery, a standardized educational system, a resilient and modernized healthcare system, infrastructure development, and an all-inclusive and peaceful Liberia. How is demanding that your nation be governed properly and national resources fully accounted for and rebuking the cancerous culture of corruption a crime?

With the lives, blood, and sweat of its leaders and members alike, SUP has paid the ultimate price in defense of social justice and freedom. Some were murdered gruesomely. Some were jailed only for condemning bad governance and challenging intolerant and corrupt political establishments. The UL Campuses have been dreadfully attacked by state security forces countless times and monstrous bravado unleashed on students for protesting against autocracy and kleptocracy, yet SUP remains standing fearlessly and consistently. In the most difficult and devastating periods in the history of Liberia, SUP has challenged, with dare, dread, and fury, criminal, disreputable, parochial, senseless, unpatriotic, and incorrigible leaders and their surrogates. I offer no apology to say SUP remains the ONLY institution in Liberia that has remained devoted, consistent, and unbending in the advancement of the people’s cause–a just and free society that puts dignity on the lives of the people and honors humanity. By which I mean and insist, if the ordinary Liberian people have ever had a true and dependable friend, that friend remains the indomitable SUP. And this, for us with enriched sense and deep appreciation for history, cognizant of the unwarranted pain and trauma our people have been callously subjected to for almost two centuries, is compelling and heartwarming.

In my thorough reading of Liberia’s history, there has been no author of Liberia’s history who has not mentioned in their texts the legendary role SUP has played in the struggle for social justice in Liberia. Only a historical revisionist will draft historical accounts of Liberia and don’t mention and pay homage to the grandiose sacrifice SUP has made and continues to make in Liberia.

In today’s Liberia, where the most egregious and nefarious things are happening by the day–from rampant theft and graft being normalized in the governing system of the country to tons of mysterious killings, I wonder what Liberia would be now if SUP was not around screaming aloud at the ravaging idiosyncrasies and excesses plaguing the nation and its people. Perhaps, Liberia could have been utterly doomed by now.

The opposition is timid and ineffectual. A good portion of the media appears to be sadly compromised. Their headlines and line of reporting linger more questions than answers. Civil Society and Advocacy groups are conspicuously silent if not nonexistent. The Church and the Mosque are no longer the moral consciences of the Liberian state. Bishops and imams are officials of government t (political appointees) hahaha. Albert Porte, Bishop Michael Francis et others must be weeping in their graves. SUP remains the only voice shouting in the wilderness of evil. SUP remains the force for good in a period riddled with viciousness, abuse of power, lawlessness, impunity, sycophancy, infamy, damnation hopelessness, and degeneracy.

In the tide of time, SUP has been tried and tested and never despaired, never discouraged, and never quit. SUP has graciously kept the boots on and remains posted at the barricades– at the perils of the lives of its leaders and militants. Let me wrap up with this ideological and philosophical postulation: An anger against public thievery, impoverishment and debasement of the citizenry, substandard educational system, appalling healthcare system, misrule, political patronage, injustice and insecurity, systematic witch-hunt, exclusion and segregation amongst a litany of perennial vices is a righteous and just anger. That is the anger that runs in the blood veins of SUP and thus the fierce and appropiate reaction the world is witnessing. And SUP shall be absolved by the fine pages of history within the throse of time.

Oh SUP, never dies. May your fighting spirit blossom and your searing consciousness continue to flourish and illuminate the land. May your moral conscience and ethos remain unswayable and uncompromising. And may you win the battle for rights and rice.

I doff my hat and offer my revolutionary salute. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for our homeland.

To young comrades Mustapha N. Kanneh, Jusu Kamara, and the entire leadership, militants, and commandos of SUP, I say well done for leading the Liberian revolution, however, it is not Uhuru Yet, let the struggle continues.

And yet, this is not a befitting tribute.

kuishi kwa muda mrefu (Long live), The Indomitable SUP

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