Imposed Fiasco! -Reckless Senate Foreign Affairs C’tte’s Contribution; A Wavering ‘Chameleon’ In Kemayah’s Alleged Sexual Harassment Saga

It has been said many times, different ways by critics, detractors as well as so-called party-realists that Liberia’s profound breeding ground of disastrous problems of incompetence and chronic  corruption  found in most public settings(offices) at the highest levels calculatively bent on stalling progressive growth and development as signature by the Legislature with emphasis on some key senate committees.

These committees, despite nominations of individuals by the Executive, the committees set up to deal with appointees in the various disciplines of functions and operations have the authority to give or deny jobs given out to those nominees based on their (committees’) findings from the confirmation hearings.

Therefore, while it is obvious that the Executive with the appointing power will perform its constitutional mandate; most often deeply driven by self and personal interests on the part of the Executive; the ball remains in the court of respective committees of the senate to approve or reject; and if incompetent individuals are found in a high profile public space; that imposed fiasco is duly the contribution of whatsoever senate committees responsible for the conduct of such confirmations; even when the Executive urgently wants its way to breakthrough all the senate barricades, that’s another ball game which is not always free from alleged  closed-door cash inducement.

However, Liberia is a fully recognized member of the global family and to refine and better its system and standard to confirm with other family members especially in upholding he tenets of best practices; it cannot be engaged into doing things hazardously and expects to obtain the same remarkable credits accorded those who stuck with the principles and ethics of best practices. No, it does not work that way. Every phenomenon produces its own species; and the law of nature does not allow mankind to plant pineapple and harvest cassava; nor will elephant give birth to ants.

Frustratingly, why did the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee put a halt to the confirmation hearing of the alleged sexual harassment claim pinned on former embattled Ambassador Dee Maxwell Saad Kemayah briefly and without him exonerating himself thoroughly through a court of  competent jurisdiction or an independently conducted investigation, instead hurriedly lifting the brief pause on the marred process; and immediately commence with cross-examination today, Friday, September 25, 2020 beginning at 2:pm. to appease  what and whom? It was reported also that the President George M. Weah has stated that he wouldx not withdraw his appointment. Does that have a leverage on the lifting of the halt and the immediate forward march of the process with the cross-examination exercise?

In times like these when the nation is groaning and grieving on bended knees for being too very low on integrity, as the rest of the world looks a on with great dismay; would this not be a moment to inhale a little fresh air of integrity by allowing the proper procedure (full scale investigation) be it scientific or technological prone, if the need be, to take its full course that the very world will know that although integrity has been badly ruffled In several aspects of the governance system, but indeed, integrity has not left the country.

All over since this sexual harassment allegation against Kemayah broke up most people have been very eager for embattled Kemayah to openly clear his name because the job he has been appointment makes him to wear the face of the nation abroad while mingling and interacting with his many counterparts with wide range of topics and issues, and knowing that moral will not and cannot be erased or defaced just to appease him from the troubling allegation slapped on him by one of his staffs from the nation’s foreign mission(UN) when he (embattled Kemayah) was the head.

Moreover, the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee headed by Dan Morais of Maryland County which was extolled for a bold step taken by putting a halt to the confirmation hearing of embattled Kemayah soon short-lived and shot itself in the leg by lifting the halt on the process amidst the looming sexual harassment allegation against him by Whynee Cummings Wilson, who has with full determination, requested the application of a lie-detector test also known as a polygraph test into the investigation.

Less than 24 hours ago, PARROT NEWS reported  the radical move by Sen. Morias and his Foreign Affairs Committee at the Legislature by putting an immediate halt to the confirmation hearing as the looming alleged sexual harassment coming on the heel of a just-ended massive protest by Liberians and many well-wishers against the alarming rate of sexual violence with rape going under roll against women, little children including babies thereby forcing the hands of the government to declare rape an act of emergency indeed shows the gravity of people’s power that cannot be taken for a short ride.

Now, the order has changed with the looming sexual harassment allegation unattended to thoroughly, pundits are raising their eyebrows in total state of pondering over more questions than answers; and pathetically wondering just when will they ever learn,

-Writes GDJ

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