Impermissible ‘Toxic Politics’ -Rejected Echo Of Satan’s Sadists; But Can Snow Fall In Hell?

In Liberia, there has emerged an interesting debate from realistic individuals that the existence of the orthodox method and channel of applied diplomacy, which is, and remains today, as “quiet diplomacy”, and the elusively open-air “microphone diplomacy”, and to narrow it down to the Liberian reality which is much more than often, used and persistently engaged (quiet diplomacy), is not so favored and utilized by the  movers and shakers and the wheelers and dealers of the current ruling establishment.

According to pundits and critics, they (elements of the leadership) are so addicted to feeding the governed with impression that they are progressively up to this, and that fantastically; and out of their subtle  capability of dealing with  high profile, strategically-placed  and well-positioned-people internationally, which anxiously remains to be seen practically on the home front; has landed them pathetically in the dominion as political Satan sadists gushing out in public, the impermissible toxic politics, while rejecting the vividly natural phenomenon and practical  reality, that despite the unbearable temperature, snow  cannot, and will not fall in hell; and that is the very simple and clear  scenario.

For this regime, quiet diplomacy is a snail-pace walk and a waste of pressure time, when it comes to flooding the people with so much good things it has been up to and to place the latter on pause or be kept on a silent note to be known sometime later; oh no, that is not its kick, rather, it wholly subscribes to the harder they come, the harder they fall scenario.

But mines you though, the regime that solely buried  its operations on the so-called fast moving conveyer belt is not even good at least to say better, at influencing and getting its package of needs and wants across the foreign tables for considered assistance and maximum cooperation; something it goes into with microphone diplomacy from the onset, and when obstacles eclipsed the return result, that’s when it believes that snow must fall in hell to cool the hearts, minds and souls of the governed.

Moreover, this very regime is deeply rooted secret operations by virtue of its internal activities, clandestinely-driven, is wrapped in complete quietude –what a paradox in its secret dealings conducted in quiet orbit instead of its famous and renowned microphone diplomacy, since it finds profound pleasure in letting the people know that it is moving, performing and functioning correctly…oh on, it has no expectation of trekking down that path.

When a duly and democratically elected leadership begins to act in such a sneaky and covert fashion, then obviously, it has cleverly demarcated the space for what it intends the people to know, and not dare question how come, and, why is this; is exactly the  traditional practice the political Satan’s sadists do; and when caught in a  dragnet, then in the process of giving excuse, it soon ends up  in issuing explanation that is too far less, and absolutely insignificant, and bear no fruitful reason for the interest of the people, moreover the country, instead of logically delving on the excuse.

Pundits also see the regime tactically practicing toxic politics. In the economic realm against the interest of the people as predicated of late through the national budget by allotting US$$30,000 to each lawmakers again, under the rubric of Legislative Engagement, which was seriously questioned  why, only to provide flimsy reason as justification, and made away with it when such satanic act was unleashed. Now the current budget over more than US$700 million, momentarily undergoing critical debate and scrutiny by lawmakers and invited financial and economic experts to give their inputs on the pro and con regarding the justifications of line items reflected in the budget and other pertinent issues.

Even at that, the Legislators again included another generation of US$30,000 for each lawmakers, which has made dismissed former Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs Eugene L. Fahngon to rate the current Legislators on the Spoon Talk Pshone-Show on Sunday, November 28, 2021, as the most corrupt Legislators he has even seen in his life while being one of the discussants digesting the present country’s budget.

Apart from many experts including some civil society organization have critically challenged some line items captured in the budget and also apportioning more money in the presidential projects netting US$100 million, and his nationwide tour which became very sticky issues , adding that the allotted money is overwhelmed with, and a slippery 2023 loaded campaign glory for the incumbent to spend under the canopy of dedicating presidential projects using his name as campaign victory over his archrivals by using the people’s money which is totally unhealthy to the others, who are equally Liberian with rights to the money.

Observers sadly viewed the justification for the US$30,000 allotment to each lawmakers that they will use some of the money to undertake some projects in their various districts, foot the  school and hospital bills for some most needy students and others seeking medical attention, so forth and so forth, something  vehemently condemned by the observers, adding that it’s tantamount to taking the people’s own money and given them peanuts with the understanding of helping them from their (lawmakers’) own pockets, which according to them (observers), is absolutely wrong, unfair and disingenuous.

When the people are continually cornered and fed with the pattern and undesirable ingredient of toxic politics, as they struggle with all their constitutional empowerment and inalienable rights to take the lawmakers to task regarding the passage o the troubled-budget, which is openly reflective in the current controversial national budget, which according to the Political Leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E. Cassell is raddled with flaws, and that the Congress for Democratic  Change (CDC) is a ‘419government  and after four years of being at the helm of national leadership, it has proven to be unfit to govern in keeping with internationally accepted  and best practice.

While pundits again viewed the present struggling national budget now undergoing grave critical check-up and thorough scrutiny by both legislators and outsiders (experts) who termed the limping budget  as an impermissible toxic politics against the people’s expectations, interest and  raises more questions, than solutions directed in the supreme interest of sincerity, honesty, pragmatism and above all, people-state-centered; and that all well-meaning Liberians firmly rubbished the fairy tale and comical notion that snow can fall in hell, inspite of its (hell’s) temperature, natural embedded  atmosphere and environment of blazing fire purposely created by the Most High as an exclusive place for the non-fearing anti-God  elements.

To further express their disgust about the government’s insincerity to its people, the pundits listed the Coronavirus’ drug brought into the country from Madagascar, which was declared by the Liberian Government without being coerced or pressured, that the consignment was a gift from the government and people from that sisterly African Country, but only to be told later, that the Liberian Government paid more than US$70,000 for the latter. The COVID-19 sustainable package valued over US$25 million short landed, and instead of accomplishing its intended target, it disdainfully denied and frustrated all those earmarked to be supplied in the wake of the ‘chilly’ lockdown era proclaimed by the very government. The pundits also recalled the two fiasco loan deals with a 419 entity named and styled ETON and the other quizzical firm called EBOMAF, despite authentic and credible information provided the government by great financial heavyweights and empires about the dubious status and operations of ETON not being financially credible, the government made a fantastic show out of the episode, told the people that the firm was in a good financial shape and even if the money comes from the belly of the devil they would take it and use I; and speedily organized an elaborate program for the arrival of its (ETON’s) Chief Executive officer; indeed, a pathetic credibility story, and loan saga that never, ever saw the light of day. In the process of licking their own wound, having shot themselves in the leg out of unlimited anxiety, the government came in from the cold face buried in the sand, and informed the people that ETON’s deal was dead and buried, and that was the end. But had they listened to sober advice to be cautioned; and had they also subscribed to quiet diplomacy instead of microphone diplomacy, the shame and scandal would not have put a scar on their image.

-Writs GDJ

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