Iman Krayee Licks Bitter Wound -As The Nat’l Movement Of Muslim Council Rubbishes Iman Krayee’s Ramadan Holiday War Drum Ultimatum; Pres. Weah Sounds A Warning

Shortly after the National Iman Sheik Ali Krayee vibrated with his Ramadan to become holiday (Abraham Day) next year war drum ultimatum, a sharp split has surfaced with the National Movement of Muslim Council (NMOMC) denouncing Krayee’s threat of instability and religious conflict.

This squarely places Iman Krayee in a pathetic position where he is confronted with the urge to lick his bitter wound of rift and religious intolerance as opposed to religious co-existence peacefully.

Moreover as the Constitution does not give any religion the added advantage to acquire such inheritance, although he (Bomi County’s Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe) disclosed of being a Christian and only being evenhanded; however, in his ultimatum at the close of Ramadan observed this year,, the National Iman Sheik Ali Krayee .demanded that the Muslim’s holidays must be resolved, and if not, next year’s Ramadan; ‘there will be freedom for everyone or freedom for nobody’.

Iman Krayee also pointed out that “people are provoking revolution in the country and when you start the work we do sometimes, they want to see some kind of action.” He added,  “if this nation continues to sow discord and discrimination, it will reap discrimination.”

But in a related development, sensing the far reaching negative consequences and danger to our long years of peaceful religious co-existence, President George M. Weah called on religious leaders who bent on using their platforms to predict religious war to instead use their influence to preach peace, prosperity and development.
According to him in his t74th Independence Day’s message on July 26, 2021 that “today, Liberia is a nation that is at peace with itself, and with its neighbors. Let us all play our part to ensure that there will be no war again in our beloved country.”
He informed Liberia to be mindful that we are all one people, irrespective of our political, ethnic or religious persuasions”, adding that government will continue to create the conditions necessary for the rights of every Liberian to be fully respected, regardless of political background, religion or ethnicity.
“Each and every one of us has a stake in the future of our beloved country. We should therefore play our part in ensuring that we do not engage in acts that could derail the hard-earned peace that we now enjoy. We have reached this far as a Nation through the toil and tears of our forefathers,” President Weah       noted.
He reminded Liberians of the ultimate sacrifices bore by the founding fathers who he said laid the bedrock for what was to become the Lone Star on the African continent.
Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the Liberian leader when quizzed on the Okay FM talk show on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, Presidential Press Secretary Isaac Solo Kelgbeh pointed out that President Weah in his power cannot unilaterally make such decision unless it is agreed by the National Legislature.

“The President will not hesitate to support the decision of the Legislature regarding giving a holiday to our Muslim community. If the National Legislature thinks it is necessary or agreed upon, I can assure you that President Weah will not hesitate to have it approved.

This is not about the President, but we have to respect the other branches of government,” he said.

It can be recalled that when Bomi County newly elected Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe  made his politically charged pronouncement as , according to him enshrined in his  campaign promise to the people of Bomi, that when elected,  he will  work harder to ensure that Muslim’s holidays are passed into law, little did he know that his beclouded calculation rooted in his political promise contains serious problematic consequences that would not only undermine religious co-existence, but whether for example, done  knowingly or unknowingly could energize  the zest of opening a can of worms hinged on religious conflict and instability.

Why it is true that such political statement is not binding rather only legal statement is binding, however, when it is embedded in campaign messages and speeches, this still does not make it any better to qualify it as binding, especially where such statement will have to test every ounce of the law to guarantee its authenticity coupled with the legitimacy that will spell out all aspects of mutual acceptance, satisfying all tenets of co-existence and other genuine, meaningful and comfort of suitability in line with security and stability; political statement,  whether propounded  at campaign rally or someplace else, it still remains a political statement with moral consequences if it is elevated  from a political statement to the character of legality wherein it is enacted into law; all sides must be carefully and logically tested by time now and years to come. One salient point here is that campaign promise, like dreams, do not always become true; some may hit the jackpot of reality or fall far too short of acceptance.

Therefore, when a candidate at a campaign trail makes a political statement, firstly, he or she should be well informed that the latter is not binding especially when borders on controversy, national security and futuristic challenges and lastly, such person must be clear with the security, safety, peace and stability of the people and state now and the future, anything that will sooner or later endanger  the security, safety, peace and stability of the people and state, must not be promised to a segment of the people specifically on far-fetched issue loaded with controversial back-blast, just to win political kudos.

Now, without carefully weighing the pros and cons, and not being cognizant of the unexpected consequences sprinkling out of uncertainty and outright disturbance of a well- established understanding of encouraged accommodation, peace and stability of the very people and country, would and should not make a campaign promise that will infuriate national  peace  and stability  as a result of divisionism  based on special vested interest like what Senator Snowe has promised, and assured the people of working  and lobbing much harder with his colleagues in the Senate for the enactment into law the celebration of two Muslim holidays;  is now heating up with stir.

With such inflaming campaign promise to certain quarters of the Liberian society; not considering the long years of co-existence religiously, is now beginning to expose the nation to Jihadism coupled with a vicious quagmire of intolerance and grim demand backed by crusading nefarious threats from some leaders of the Muslim religion predicated on, and stimulated by Sen Snowe’s campaign promise to the people of Bomi County. Despite his (Snowe’s) vague attempt to, according to him, balance the political equation by also apportioning a holiday (Easter Monday) as an appeasement for the Christians; but the leadership of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), Bishop Kortu Brown scolded and  rejected his bill to the legislature supporting two Muslim’s holidays adding that it has no basis of legitimacy, as the Constitution does not give any religion the added advantage to acquire such inheritance, although he (Snowe) disclosed of being a Christian  and only being evenhanded.

-Writes GDJ         


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