If My Voice Matters… -A Poem For My Home Land, Liberia


If my voice matters, I will scream aloud to the mountaintop against injustice, oppression, inequality, bigotry, deprivation, marginalization, subjugation, and dehumanization;

If my voice matters, I will shout over my lungs against corruption, misgovernance, and other forms of enormities crudely perpetrated by bad and dishonorable public officials and their underlings;

If my voice matters, I will loudly rebuke inconsistent, unprincipled, indecent, greedy, unpatriotic, parasitic, crooked, toxic, and disreputable politicians wandering the political corridors in my homeland without any sense of remorse and self-esteem;

If my voice matters, I will reprimand those opposition politicians who desperately clamor for power with no good and genuine intention, but to perpetuate the very excesses and evils the condemn one every passing day and to amass wealth at the detriment of my poor country and people;

If my voice matters, I will publicly slam lawmakers who proudly aid and abet bad governance, connive and collude in the brazen looting and plundering of the resources of my homeland thereby plunging the peasant-squalor poor masses into endless socioeconomic despair;

If my voice matters, I will call out with fire and fury Bishops, Pastors, Imams and other religious leaders who have compromised their solemn calling and defaulted on their spiritual duties to become government officials and shamelessly share in the sweets and glees of power while their sheep(members) wallow and dangle in fretting hopelessness;

If my voice matters, I will blast a compromised, corrupted, and unethical Supreme Court that disgustingly gambles its sacred independence to the power that is thereby dashing the hope of the nation that looks to it to interpret the law with independence, fairness, transparency, and integrity;

If my voice matters, I will openly decry a corrupt judge whose final verdict is determined by the size of the “brown envelope” he receives in the darkroom and the one whose gable never grants justice to the poor;

If my voice matters, I will boldly rave and rant at a President who governs with hate, fear, and division and sees himself as imperial and Lord over the people, a greedy, insensitive, arrogant, and egoistic President whose garish lifestyle compares to none;

If my voice matters, I shall loudly echo my consternation and indignation against the malcontent and predatory men who rape little girls, abuse and violate women in all forms and manners and say to their faces and call them monsters, and all acts of monstrosity must only take place in HELL;

If my voice matters, I will denounce corrupt and unethical teachers, professors, lecturers, and school administrators who take bribes and/or gifts to pass students and indulge in the despicable “grades-for-sex” scheme to the detriment of our already ailing educational system;

If my voice matters, I will loudly shame sycophants and hypocrites, and would courageously tell them to their ugly faces that I would rather walk in the dark with a notorious criminal at my back than a sycophant and hypocrite walking by my side;

If my voice matters, I will criticize aloud the doctors, nurses, and administrators at public health facilities for stealing drugs and medical equipment and taking them to their private clinics and hospitals to amass wealth out of them, thereby depriving the poor masses of their right to proper medical care, such act is wicked and reprehensible;

If my voice matters, I will call out the unethical journalists who are violating and bastardizing the noble journalism profession before the glare of the masses, I mean those “join-the-list” elements contaminating the media space under the guise of journalism—the liar ones who compromise ethics for lofty gifts, shield evildoers for money, dine and wine with the corrupt, wretched and wicked in our homeland in return for material satisfaction, the ones with no modicum of patriotism in their blood veins and their singular creed is to ‘get money at all cost’ and nothing else;

If my voice matters, I will openly praise the adorned-hearted men and women who at the peril of their lives, stand in defense of the poor and oppressed, who fiercely resist injustice, bad governance, abuse of power, public graft and theft, and other anomalies pervading my homeland;

And if my voice matters, I will celebrate good over gold, right over wrong, love over hate, unity over division, togetherness over exclusion, country over political parties, nationalism over tribalism, goodness over evils, hope over fear, optimism over pessimism, faith over cynicism, and peace over war;

By: Cde. Moncio Robert Kpadeh (Sage)


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