‘”I will Change Liberia” -Says Cummings; Unlike Weah-CDC-Led Troubled-Change

The Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cumming has diagnosed Liberia’s problem of being in one mode for so long without difference in governance.

ANC’s Leader Cummings who is a staunch member of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) said that Liberia will change under his leadership because the people and the government will not be doing the same thing the old ways and expect a different result.

To realize a different outcome for things done, there must be a change instituted to produce result without doing the same thing and expect different result which does not work that way, adding that garbage in, garbage out.

The Political Leader of ANC made it clear to all that he will lead by example and under his leadership, impunity will be nailed vehemently and will have no room to even squat because if anyone breaks the law or be caught for wrong doing, the law will take its full course no matter who you may be or where you will come from; even if you are related to him, the due process of the law will be applied without fear or favor.

He maintains that the business of running a government will be clearly divorced of cronyism, friendship and love lost, it will be business is business, and not mix business with Christmas or funfair.

Touching on enhancing growth and development, Cummings explained that with the endowment of so many natural and mineral resources in the country, the applied art and craft of a mature, serous, capable and open management will be the order of the day.

The iron ore, forests and other market-attracted resources will be harnessed in a careful manner that people will begin to see the positive impact and dividend of the change by doing things differently and deriving at different results.

Asked if he still stands by his previous announcement to take Liberia’s budget to a billion, the retired international Corporate Executive  stated that he still stands by his pronouncement and how will it be done, he intoned that the forests, iron ore, gold and diamond along with the other vast  resources will be professionally utilized; as  trust, confidence, credibility and seriousness demonstrated, indeed,  determined and potential investors will feel safe and proud to engage the investment climate in the country.

He further noted that to reach the billion-dollar national budget mark, it will take a lot of hard work collectively including the Tri-party approach, namely, the leadership, people and the partners with their investments, together, and based on credibility with unhindered justice system, and honesty from the leadership and people; in few years, the billion-dollar budget target is bound to be a vivid reality. He said that Ellen’s first budget was in 80 million and after some times, it hits the 500m mark.

The ANC Political Leader in a Spoon Television and Radio interview held Thursday, July 8, 2021 clearly observes that the change his administration is poised to champion will definitely reflect growth and actual development both for the country and the livelihoods of the people; unlike the troubled-change promised by the CDC which is far from forthcoming thereby the people are in despair, disappointed and reduced to beggars in their own country graced with many vital resources.

Moreover instead of being custodians of their economy as vowed by President George M. Weah; pathetically, they are more than mere spectators in their own economy and not owners or in control as promised by the Weah’s CDC-led government.

-Writes GDJ  

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