I Want Get Drunk Till I Crawl Just Like Zombie – Pres. Weah Tells Liberians on his 54th Birth Anniversary

By Julius T. Jaesen, II `

As our country sits on the brink of economic and political collapse occasioned by almost three years of extremely poor administration of the state of affairs by the CDC government, President Weah seems not to be bothered with the speed at which our country is reversing. But sadly, he finds solace in merrymaking while the country is on a collision course.

With the level of rising inflation, the falling in commodity prices and the astounding poverty rate placed at 68.9 per cent in 2020 compared to 55.6 per cent in 2019, and coupled with the 526,000 Liberians who risk falling below the poverty line if the right policy measures are the put in place, President Weah on the commemoration of his 54th birthday anniversary at the Paynesville Town Hall was seen in his usual drunk mood almost to fall while dancing. In his usual drunk mood, President Weah told Liberians that he wants to get drunk till he crawls just like a zombie.

In any matured democracies, no serious president relegates the nobility and superiority of the presidency in a manner and form George Weah does. Ridiculously, this is what happens when citizens pick a child from the street and placed him into the highest of all authorities in the country.

The World Bank in its recent report asserted that Liberia’s fiscal deficit under Weah has widened from 4.8 per cent of GDP in FY2018 to 6.2 per cent in FY2019 with domestic revenue mobilisation low, high current account deficit, low reserves and elevated financial sector vulnerability, but yet in gross defiance to Covid-19 protocols, President Weah assembled scores of CDC zealots and amateur public officials to witness him dance the zombie dance.

As serious as the presidency is and with the daunting challenges the nation currently faces at the moment, we expected Weah to assemble our country best brains and eggheads to find genuine short and long-term solutions to the economic quagmires that pose a looming threat to our nation’s stability. No president merrymakes while his or her people are very unhappy with the poor public administration in the country.

But again, Weah’s presidency says a lot about who we are as a country and people and as well the general reflection of how we think as Liberians. The Leaders every country or people around the world elect communicate to the outside world the general thinking of the bulk of the citizens. If a nation elects a comedian to the highest authority in the land, that says that the broader majority of the people are poor in thinking and are comedians like the one they have elected to a position that is supposed to be preserved for men and women who are noble in character and thinking. The leaders we elect are products of our thinking.

We sit and see zero potential policy response from George Weah and his empty talking machine in Samuel Tweah to repair our economy but yet, he dances at every occasion under very strong substance. In every public gathering, the 54-year-old President is always found under the stupor of alcohol dancing. What will he even be teaching today’s youth about substance abuse? If Liberia were a serious country, zombie dancer and musician President Weah will only be belonging to a comedian magazine.

With the unprecedented negative shock Covid-19 poses to Liberia’s economy, especially affecting lives and livelihoods, President Weah is not even moved to double up or wake up from his sleep to overhaul our economy and lead the change mantra he was elected on. This is distasteful and mocking to the millions of our people who are living below the poverty line.

The presidency is not a position for a child and man who is always under the stupor of alcohol but rather for men and women rich in intelligence and royal in character to dedicate their times to deeper thinking and finding solutions to societal challenges.

Our presidency must not be used to promote alcoholic habit and abusing our economically challenged sisters, neither must it be reduced to dancing the zombie dance. We are seeing your counterparts in the region leading efforts to deal with the threats and impacts the Covid-19 poses to their countries’ economies, but for you, you must be at every kid’s party partying when the nation is in crisis.

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