I Can See A Revolution – Liberia Will Be Better Without George Weah Part II

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

In Liberia, economic and political reform is an unpaid-debt the government owes its people. President Weah’s sworn oath of office in 2018 consummated a legally binding contract to ensure the debt was paid within a reasonable political period.

Regrettably, like our many colonial and post-colonial era presidencies, Mr Weah has defaulted on the promises and crushed underfoot the people’s power of attorney. This careless betrayal of trust has led to an increase in aggravated social hierarchies and economic inequalities only favourable to the wealthy and powerful as the ordinary citizens crawl under the agonizing burdens of lack and despair.

The value of life under Weah, which ought to be judged by the priority of healthcare delivery capacities in both quality and quantity, falls far lower; few health facilities are available, and the available ones could better be described as funeral parlours, standing in shortage of everything, from inadequate drugs and doctors, to dress bandages and drinking water! To attest to this, walk in the emergency ward of the John F. Kennedy hospital and you will degrade the services even much lower than this analysis. All this evil continues to befall the underprivileged while the privileged are flown chartered flight, or first class to VIP clinics afar.

We weren’t surprised when we heard that the Weah regime used over US$300,000.00 of taxpayers’ money to have Minister Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan and the Vice President flew out of Liberia to Ghana for further advanced medical checkout while the ordinary people lives stand at risk.

Sadly frustrating, under Weah’s presidency, food has turned into luxury in 21st century Liberia, quite frighteningly diametrical to the West’s expenditure index of millions to curtail obesity and tens of millions more to store excess food. Our currency exchange rate to the U.S dollar is now 200 to 1 and growing, and the price structure for market commodities have tripled, and there is no guarantee it will not quadruple any time. U.S consumer history is replete with facts of protests the last time fuel and gas prices soared close to US$20.00; under Weah’s regime, the consumer population painstakingly paid almost LD$4,000.00 for a gallon of petroleum with serious complaints.

It’s a weird twist of logic that the consumer population is expected to bear the impact of unfair economic disadvantages and yet continues to live on less than 80 cents a day! Truly, Mr Weah has defaulted on the promises beyond redemption.

And certainly under the footballing president, Weah, prisons and detention centres continue to remain stuck with kids who get sentenced for stealing food to live while cabinet officials like Samuel Tweah, Nat McGill and others continue to walk free with stolen millions and looted coffers with impunity! Who dares publish or talk about said state-condoned robberies in the manner that the Parrot Newspaper and a few others did and continue to do?

It’s time for freedom, people; it’s time to redeem our resources and safe our forests, gold, diamond, timber, iron ore, and oil; buckle-up.

Despite the proliferated antics against popular dissents antagonising Weah’s failed regime, the will of the people continues and the struggle to liberate the soul and spirit of Liberia remains sine qua non!  If the anti-elements of law and order perceived a short-circuit to a popular call for a radical revolution to oust corruption and misrule, they are set for a rude awakening as Liberians in their numbers will troop to the streets to oust fiscal robberies and misrule of the country!

The struggle against Weah’s government is a verdict againnst misrule and widespread corruption. This time around, the people will not sit idle and allow their country of birth to reach a point of climaxed plunder.

Adolph Hitler said, “Those who want to live, let’s them struggle, those who do not want to live in this world of eternal struggle deserve not to live”. Hence, we are getting there. We believe in revolution! We believe in the radical reform of our system!


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