How The National Road Fund Bleeds…

The National Road Fund is exclusively the struggling poor Liberian people’s money—meaning it is paid by YOU and ME. It is a surcharge imposed on every gallon of petroleum product including kerosene and hydraulic oil.  More money has been generated than we are told. Millions of dollars have been collected from the Liberian people through the Road Fund initiative on a monthly basis. The money is solely meant for the maintenance of roads across Liberia and to build new roads where possible. A recent GAC audit has established that over US$24M of the Road Fund is unaccounted for. We also now know that the $24m in question was notoriously and unlawfully withdrawn from the fund by the government of Liberia. The Road Fund is independently meant only for road works and nothing else. It is not appropriated by the legislature, hence, the legislature cannot grant approval to the Ministry of Finance to withdraw money from said fund. We also know the GAC Audit of the Road Funds was compelled by the American government through its Embassy near Monrovia.

The Head of the NRF is Boniface Satu. He has a fiduciary responsibility to preside over the Road Fund with the greatest degree of transparency and accountability, but he has defaulted on that responsibility and joined ranks with Samuel Tweah and others to loot and plunder the Liberian people’s money. He has let the Liberian people down, but more shamefully and appallingly, he has let his family down. He has proven to be a dishonorable man who should never be entrusted with public office and find. He connived and colluded with Samuel Tweah, the “Vodoo Economist” and others to misapply and siphon the money. The $24M was taken with his consent, according to members of the NRF Board who prefer anonymity.

There is more to what the public knows about the Road Fund. It is a crooked syndicate comprising NRF, Govt, and the Petro Importers. The Road Fund, in effect, has been criminalized by these greedy racketeers. This is egregiously reprehensible!

Boniface Satu, Tweah, and the rest of the miscreants associated with this shady and shabby scam must pay a heavy price for defrauding the Liberian people in broad daylight. We must mercilessly throw the ‘Gas Chamber’ to the faces of these financial vampires. We will not rest until we get to the bottom of this matter.

We have also established that there is not a standard reporting system with the Road Fund Management. In line with transparency and accountability, the NRF office must publish a quarterly financial report indicating how much was collected and how much was spent on the maintenance of roads across the country.  But that is not being done. Boniface Satu and his keg of crooks manage the road fund in utter secrecy—only because there is an ulterior motive to pillage the fund as the audit report has revealed. The Liberian people ought to know how much is collected by the Road Fund every quarter. The money is for the Liberian people, they pay it on every gallon of petro.

A class-action lawsuit against Boniface Satu, Samuel Tweah, and others is imminent.

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