How Many More Liberians Must Armed Robbers Killed? -Before Weah’s Gov’t Feels The Pinch To Act Robustly?

When it is propounded with the loudest echo that delays are dangerous and or by extension, he who fails to act decisively indeed has immediately acted out of reluctance nurtured by acquiescence which is never even good for those who administer the law to bring sanity and safety to the people who are consistently invaded, maimed, terrorized, viciously harassed, nefariously tormented and unjustifiably abused and murdered in cold blood with precious and hard-earned belongings made away with while the security plays  dilly-dally in fast tracking the process of prosecution of the already captured notorious creatures and enemies of the state, growth and progress; then heaven’s sense of justice cannot stop bleeding profusely.

The unthinkable question parading on the lips of so many defenseless and unarmed people in the country is how many more Liberians and other nationals must be killed in their respective homes and with complete insanity striped off their sweats (properties) before the government of President George M. Weah feels the pinch to act robustly, thereby sending a clear signal and an undiluted message that those who feel pretty comfortable being fed on the hard-earned possessions of others through the avenue of criminality, will have a very difficult and miserable settlement with the serious full force and weight of the law with no second thought.

What is more vexingly paradoxical about certain dangerous and diabolical species raiding people’s comfort and domiciles demanding for things they are not partners to or never shareholders; on top of which they performed all sorts of nasty and totally inhumane activities on the poor people who upon contacting the police known globally to be the friend and savoir of the people meanly in tough, difficult and dangerous times; are themselves busy shying away from such clarion calls to redeem the  victims wailing on bended knees; as they painfully watch their wives, daughters, mothers, and female siblings being brutally raped and gang-raped; as they themselves are tortured to the core to bring forth things they may not have or have no business throwing them to the wolves in the first place; coupled being squeezed to carry out some unwarranted actions against their own pride and respect.

With the help of the Almighty, when some of these infamous species are arrested on the scene of their criminal performances and brought to the headquarters for processing and forwarded to court to face the wild music of the law against such cancer on the skin of society; indeed, they are sooner than later back on the block functioning openly and fearlessly as business as usual with salty jabs pouring out of their mouths adding insult to injury to those they have victimized by saying we were just taking away on a brief holiday and now we are back  therefore remember this always…where way can carry rock? Nowhere, just washed over it and even makes it stronger. Imagine someone dreadfully stormed your homes, pillaged our belongings, raped your wives, daughters, sisters and even coerce you to have sex with your daughters and sisters; is telling you such a garbage as though the country has now ways and means of containing such societal scourge…it hurts so unpleasantly to see the law performing as though it is a dearest bedfellow of a wicked culture.

How many more Liberians and other foreign dwellers in the country by killed by heartless armed robbers before the government feels the need to perform its sacred obligation and that is to protect lives and property first and foremost; when notorious criminal like Kesselly Mulbah keeps directly or indirectly enjoying the care and protection of the police; despite the more and his likes are arrested, inspite of the damage they inflict on their victims; yet they are seeing being treated as precious jewels as they find great pleasure in hurting, stealing, raping and killing people for their own achievements.

It can be recalled that the very Kesselly Mulbah who has been tormenting people’s homes and properties was picked up while in action on one of his dangerous performances; dragged to the police headquarters and later landed at the prison compound for unwarranted acts; despite being reportedly linked to some high profile elements; he was soon out, and back on the block criminally functioning as usual.

Meanwhile, a local daily reported that it’s been almost a month since notorious armed robber, Kesselly Mulbah alias Kezo, was taken down by police in a fire exchange in Diggsville after one of his robbery sprees that led to the death of a community watchdog member, but the well-known armed robber who survived the bullets is yet to be forwarded to court by the police.

Responding to an FPA inquiry over the delay in ensuring justice, Police Spokesman, Moses Carter said Kesselly is still receiving medical attention at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center and the police is “giving the doctors the benefit of the doubt.”

Mr. Carter said Kesselly’s kneecap got badly damaged during the shootout and he may loss a leg.

Kesselly’s latest armed robbery incident that landed him at the JFK pending being arraigned before court occurred on August 14 when he and his team terrorized members of the Diggsville Community.

Police said he murdered a security officer identified as Vafoday Kamara while trying to escape the scene.

Mr. Carter also disclosed that Kesselly was involved in another armed robbery incident in March this year in which they robbed Facia L. McCauley in the Baptist Seminary Community on the Robertsfield Highway and made away with the Silver RAV-4 Jeep which he used in several other armed robberies, including the latest one in Diggsville.

Mulbah was incarcerated in April of 2018, for suspected robbery and criminal conspiracy, illegal possession of fire arms and theft of property.

According to court records, which was later confirmed by the Assistant Minister for Bureau of correction and Rehabilitation, at the Ministry of Justice, Eddie Tarawale’s, a Writ issued by Criminal Court’ D’ Judge Sikajipo A. Wollo dated March 11, 2019 was submitted to the Justice Ministry ordered the release of Mr. Kesselly. “You are hereby commanded to release the living body of Kesselly Mulbah to be identified of the city of Monrovia charged with the offense of armed robbery and criminal conspiracy who has been charged by due process,” the writ said.

He was released after Ernest Kezellee, Forkpayea Kessellee and Korto Kezzelle on 7 of March 2019, signed a Criminal Appearance Bond and promised to make him available at any time the Court needed him to stand trial. His release was approved by Judge Sikajipo Wollor.

Following Mulbah’s release, on April 1, 2019, Judge Wollor wrote a Letter to the Deputy Director of Police for Crimes Service Division (CSD) Interpol Affair, Prince Mulbah, to release a Black Pathfinder Jeep allegedly owed by the him. What remains unclear is how the case was dismissed after his temporary release from detention.

On 23 July 2008, President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, signed into law an Act amending the Penal Law of 1976, which make the crimes of armed robbery a non-bailable capital offence, punishable by hanging.

It, however, not clear the grounds on which Judge Wollor ordered the release of suspect Mulbah and the subsequent release of his vehicle.

-Writes GDJ

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