How Is Life With Oppong and Gibraltar?

Author by Andrew Borbor Werlay Jaye, Jr.

Contributing writer

The politicization of Mr. Weah is a quixotic cacophony which sounds similarly like scheming, gang-rapping, looting, sabotaging, persecuting, and you don’t want to count all of the egregious mischiefs of public life.

History informs us that Mr. Weah was once a ghetto lad from the muddy slum of Gibraltar, a quarter of zinc-round homes in Monrovia which have been occupied by poverty-stricken peasants, since the untold days of Mr. Weah and his unborn days of Gibraltar.

Then, one would therefore imagine that the fabulous day of the top-notch prominence of Mr. Weah would be the “summun bonum” of the greatest number of the people of Gibraltar, reasoning that Mr. Weah had once grappled with miserable life and dimmed sight of progress.

But the tale of the story is a despicable one to compile for our readers. Having been cheered on soccer fields, glorifying Oppong as the bright star of IE and Barolle, and believing with hope he is the future redeemable hero, Oppong gives his people “Waway”, like the most common Liberian man would say.

Right after winning the three (3) most prestigious awards that any African footballer can clinch in 1995, the masses of Gibraltar celebrated Oppong’s all-time greatest feat in a jubilant mood than a sapient commentator can ever depict.

But like one of the best political philosophers in our Liberian dispensation, Dr. Fahnbulleh, said not verbally, that “education is the assurance of the social status of mankind.” It was no lie when Oppong garishly depleted all of his finance, which many put at 94 million Euros, which he is credited to had generated from soccer in Europe.

Now to square-one, Oppong is bamboozled by political carpetbaggers to contest the Liberian presidency, as a conduit for him to bounce back at luxurious extravaganza, chronic partying and megalomaniac omnipotence. While they political carpetbaggers dance on the floor of national treasury. Though for a ten years (1995 – 2005) the masses of Gibraltar had not benefited a cent from their son who rose to stardom.

Again, the masses of Gibraltar sympathised with Oppong under the antidialogics, that despite their only begotten son did very little to transform their lives, he would miraculously do so plentiful, when at the crescendo of political power. History recalls that Oppong lost twice ( 2005 & 2011) to a woman who also accounts for a gallery of the Liberian tragedy.

In politics, various progressive pioneers, political leaders and class-conscious students had warned the population in general that Oppong was a death sentence to the post-conflict country’s emerging democracy. That if Oppong is elected it would be the fast reversal of the consolidated games of previous years.

As a political scientist would understand that changed circumstances create changed men, so was Manneh and his party which bulk of the Liberian masses looked up to for an alternative leadership in disenchantment to the Sirleaf’s dynasty. The angry and furious masses had flocked to the polls to elect Manneh with no regards to political experience.

These masses of which were encumbered with the starving urban peasants of Gibraltar, eased the stage for the manipulation of electioneering process, which openly was championed by Manneh’s predecessor in Lady Macbeth, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Oppong, the prodigal son of Gibraltar, President of the Republic of Liberia, steers the national affairs of Liberia which sits at the bottom of economic discussion, which produces no means of subsistence for its people, but crawls at the feet of the Bretton Wood institutions for chicken change.

Oppong, the only gladiator of Gibraltar, head of government on the west coast of Africa, Liberia, breaks the organic law of the land on a daily basis, which the current is his obstinacy to not lift the SoE off the state as it is illegal. He fools his people that there is a stimulus package. Unfortunately, what the people mirror at is the heaviest of the deception that constitutes a gravestone.

Oppong, the cherished black diamond of Gibraltar, political commanding officer of the Armed Forces of Liberia, depletes the foreign reserve of his nation, as he is recorded in one of his public speeches for noting that he will no longer venture thereof, while the masses of Gibraltar catch first-flight hunger, kwashiorkor, and depersonalization.

Oppong, one who is supposed to cater to the broadest masses, drives a bulletproof motorcade that costs one million + (1.9) million United States dollars (excluding the vehicles which were passed over from Lady Macbeth to him). He offers his dear wife, Clar Marie Weah, with a handsome part of the national budget which has surpassed two (2) million since his presidential ascendancy. He employs three (3) “Weahs” at the LPRC with the shinning stone of nepotism.

Oppong, the “vainglorious country giant”, erects surplus of maximum condos, resuscitates his one hundred fifty thousand dollars (150,000) deformed home at nine (9) street Sinkor to a gorgeous mansion. Not all from Oppong. The “vainglorious country giant” went on to construct a beauteous theatre, and constructed a worship fellowship where his certificate of sacrilege is rendered.

Manneh, out of a sudden, a reverend pastor of The Gbekugbeh Forkyklon Fellowship, labels critics of two subterfuges (ETON & EBOMAF) that saw ratification from the nebulous Legislature, “as enemies of the state”, but disdainfully these schemes of loans were never actualized. How his son (Timothy Weah) who plays football in Exile, as a foreigner and bought acres of wide land in Liberia, is a question that poses threat to Manneh’s sincerity.

And we go on: how Manneh acquired a flamboyant private jet; how Manneh doled out a well-constructed radio station to the Female Journalists Association; how Manneh’s brother-in-law in Michael Duncan now possesses a lofty farm in Grand Bassa, and is pillaging gold from our gold shafts in Grand Kru; these viciousness are left to the intuition of the toiling masses of Gibraltar and Liberia at large; with the question: is this our Manneh, who declared fifty thousand United States dollars(50,000), as the only cash in his Chase Manhattan’s bank account on the sixteen(16) day of July 2014 to the NEC?

In the book “Stolen Legacy: Greek Philosophy Is Stolen from Egyptian Philosophy by Dr. George J.M James, there are three(3) classes of human, i.e, lovers of wealth, lovers of honor and lovers of wisdom. To properly place Manneh in such brilliant conclusion: Manneh is a reckless man-slattern of stolen wealth and messy honor. And one can simply fathom the search for presidential favour, when universities (Cuttington & UL), that should be reputable traded their prestige to confer upon an empty-headed Manneh honorary doctoral degrees.

How is life with Oppong and Gibraltar?

Life is antithetically one-sided as the dichotomy between light and darkness. Life is beautiful for Oppong. Life is dangerous for Gibraltar. Oppong enjoys the consanguinity of public funds. Gibraltar bears the brunt of Oppong’s incompetence. Oppong flourishes on the back of Gibraltar’s overwhelming votes. Gibraltar suffers from their political decision which aided Oppong’s presidency. It says, Gibraltar, life is not fair. My darling boy, it asks Oppong with teary eyes, Gibraltar, while have you forsaken me?

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